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Kosovo Police Arrested Three People Suspected of Terrorism

Kosovo police on Thursday, arrested three people suspected of terrorism. Persons concerned, two of them from Kachanik and Jankovic, suspected of being involved in the offense as “organising and participating in a terrorist group”, “recruitment for terrorism” and “inciting national discord or intolerance, racial, religious or ethnic. ” 

tri-arrestime-per terrorizemAccording to police, the arrests came as a result of several months of investigations conducted by the Anti-Terrorism Directorate, under the supervision of the Kosovo Special Prosecution.

“The police operation codenamed” sting “conducted by the Directorate Against Terrorism, is also supported by other police units and resulted in the arrest of three suspects,” said a press release of the Kosovo Police.

According to the announcement, in the wake of investigations are also conducted raids at two locations in Kaēanik and Elez Han, where homes are searched and three people arrested.

“During the raid, the quality of the exhibits were seized electronic equipment, gas pistols, propaganda material, military uniforms, passport, binoculars, etc.,” the statement further said.

Police units are continuing investigations into the case, about the possibility of the involvement of other persons in this activity. Meanwhile, the decision of the prosecutor, the suspects were given the halt of 48 hours.

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