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Kosovar Arrested in Tirana for Recruiting Terrorists


A citizen arrested in the capital and a Kosovar Albanian suspected of recruiting young people in order to fight in Syria

foto.php_-640x340After Kosovo police action, two days ago, when they arrested three citizens from Kachanik, who are accused of participating in the terrorist organization Al-Nusrat, even our police intervened to put in irons actually a name that has emerged in tapping on Jihad group. The intervention was conducted late evening hours of today in the area of ​​’ex-fridge’ in “Syria Hill”, where was arrested Demirlika Altin, a 28-year-old from Burrel. Along with him, according to police also arrested a citizen of Kosovo, while the two accused persons recruited as a believer in order to send them to fight in Syria.

The arrests were carried out section of Tirana Anti-terror police in cooperation with DFON-in. Name of the citizens of Kosovo does not become informed, while specifying that Demirlika kept under surveillance and eavesdropping in February of this year, when he intervened in some operation that culminated with the arrest of two self-proclaimed imams, the mosque there New Ring and Mëzesit mosque.

Both these imams are the major allegations raised by the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, arrests and learned that today evening came as a result of investigations arising from handcuffing Kacaniku three Kosovo Albanians. Demirlika learned that he was suspected for months as a member of the Jihad group, according to the police even has suspicions that he may have gone to Syria to combat.

“On 01/07/2014 19:52 pm with no person. Generous takes 0672886422 Husayn, and says that Anas has posted a video where he emerged friend who has gone along with what’s left of the mosque fuaristradën there. Speaks and English and for those persons who have taken hostage. (Fuoristradën mosque has left Altin Demirlika, Mitsubishi Pajero with plate AA 503 CH) “.




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