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“Vetëvendosje” Can Enter into Government

“Vetëvendosje” has supported the opposition bloc, LDK, AAK and Initiative, to disable government Thaci 3. But support does not continue if the three parties do not agree to discontinue bargaining with Serbia and neoliberal privatizations.


Thus said in an interview for “Zeri”, Albin Kurti, leader of the movement “Self”. He unveiled the “Zeri” the second phase and if not exceed, then, according to him, the result is known, go to new elections.

But first phase remains however, since nobody goes with PDK. On the contrary, Kurti adds that if the second phase passes successfully make the deal, then crossed in the final third phase, which is the manifestation of their programs.

Even if alternatives LVV ruling is not accepted by the coalition, says Kurti buzz again as they say “yes” to support the coalition, by providing the numbers, but not becoming part of it.

No Thaci 3, the greatest achievement

Voice: What has caused you to support the opposition bloc, to disable government Thaci 3?

Albin Kurti: Had 3 Thaci government continue, it would be much worse than Thaci 2. legitimacy will now have to sell PTK to put hands on “Trepca”, except for Skopje highway, will to find even a highway rest over the place and at the same time will finalize the Association of Serbian-majority municipalities, through which encompasses the endurance will bosnjëzimi Kosovo.

It was alarming to us, so we took the decision on June 9 that the solution is if no party goes with PDK, to disable the creation of government. Immediately contacted leaders LDK and AAK Initiative, the plan also greet through the press conference, and what happened was that within 24 hours as agreement was reached, “No Thaci 3”.
Voice: You have accused AAK tribute, LDK for construction mafia, and leader of the Initiative is the signatory of many privatization contracts, which you’ve criticized?

Albin Kurti: Criticism and allegations that we made ​​to the three subjects mentioned, stay and are true, but we have now taken steps towards cooperation and agreement, in order not to continue the old regime. Lëvizja “Vetëvendosje” for the sake of Kosovo has shown magnanimity, because of the easier it would be like saying: “These are identical to PDK and do we work with them.” We saw the possibility of prevention of Thaci Government 3. This was the first phase that we came to do, and we are now in the second phase of negotiations on what to do should the new government, and see how it will go.

Claims of “self-determination”
Voice: The second phase involves negotiating your criteria that you set to three political parties, including the discontinuance of dialogue with Serbia.What specifically requires “Self-determination”?

Albin Kurti: Three leaders, at the last meeting we have made ​​a concrete proposal for dialogue with Serbia and is awaiting a response. The proposal is based on four points:

The first has to do with the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee, which for six months to investigate all the dialogue process 3-year-old. The reasons for this are that there was no transparency in the whole process of negotiations, and two resolutions of the Assembly, that of 18 October 2012 and 6 June 2013, are violated. The prime minister did not respond to invitations to the Foreign Affairs Committee, that I’ve led.

Energy and telecommunications agreement was never reported to the Commission.Minister for two years has developed about 24 meetings with former Prime Minister of Serbia, Dacic, and we do not know what all agreed. Minister Dacic meet more often than it was in the Assembly of Kosovo. During these two years I have not been able to meet my brother or mother so often.

The second point is that the 19 April 2013 agreement between the two prime ministers, will be sent to the Venice Commission. The reasons for this are that the agreement as such is racist and is incompatible with human rights, but also with the legal regulation of the Kosovo Constitution. It says that the police commander for northern Serbian should be.And we say that the captain should be professional, honest and not Serbian or Albanian.Category profession may not be ethnic category. Serbian being neither moral aspect does not represent nor professional. Now we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Serbia and do not understand why again should necessarily Police Commander to be a Serb? I am therefore convinced that the Venice Commission will reject the deal.

The third point is that we have no need for dialogue with Serbia, but we need to dialogue with Kosovo Serbs. Dialogue with Belgrade nor integrated the Kosovo Serbs nor united Mitrovica. Have to transform into open dialogue with Kosovo Serbs, seeing them as citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, with the same rights and needs as other citizens.

As the fourth point in this proposal is to start a new dialogue with Brussels for Kosovo-EU contractual relations, in order to define our relationship.

Dialogue with Brussels should kornizohet the Department for EU Enlargement, where Brussels can submit needs to see that Kosovo must meet with Serbia. In other words, we must return to dialogue to dialogue. Return in the autumn of 2010, when Thaci negotiate behind closed doors with Baroness Ashton, lost time when most of the battle for Kosovo.

The dialogue has so far not been good neighbors, but has been dialogue internal affairs of Kosovo, popularly pick that are not dealt with household chores, but with the demands of neighbor, a neighbor who came within house and are mixed in housework.


Voice: How are optimistic that the bloc will they accept requests?

Albin Kurti: I’ve said that since he has such a dialogue with Serbia what it was, there can be no war against corruption or economic development. Since the view of Brussels, Serbia is even more important as the market, and as a state in political and institutional terms, automatically when Kosovo is entering into this dialogue, fight against corruption and for EULEX is getting secondhand issue.

Whenever we have talks with Serbia, EULEX arrests for corruption does, but makes war crimes. I want people in Kosovo arrested for what we have done to us that 15 years, the theft, the privatization of various occupancies.
The only concession was that Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo diplomas in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja but this agreement was rejected by the Constitutional Court of Serbia in April this year.

We last case being made mockery of the state of Kosovo, with the so-called “peace park” between the bridge on the Ibar River in Mitrovicë.Unë not know how much more evidence needs to show that it was not state-building and governance that we must not go her way.
Investigate selling KEDS

Voice: The next requirement of  “Vetëvendosje” is the termination of privatization, privatization recommend what model?

Albin Kurti: We wanted to attempts to privatize KEK, “Trepca” and PTK end. In the case of “Trepca” we need a special law, which treats as a public enterprise with special strategic interest of national and public. Also ask to investigate selling cheaper than badihava KEDS for 26 million euros.

Activists and members of the “self-determination” were beaten and arrested for not allowing us to see KEDS contract.
signed the contract on the day when the Government Building, me as bodyguards MP Thaci not allowed to enter the government building . We are not opposed to an enterprise management buy new, but are against the sale of assets. The state can not be good manager, but he should be good owner.

Voice: What will be the position of the Lëvizja “Vetëvendosje” if the coalition parties do not meet these requirements? Will continue to support the Government to do?

Albin Kurti: Bazaars Serbia and neoliberal privatizations are two rail tracks and one Government Minister Thaci 2, which if not out of them, they are train tracks to Bosnia.And I am not to go to Bosnia.


LVV has withdrawn if the bloc continues Thaci policies

Voice: So the deal breaks down, if the three parties do not meet these conditions?

Albin Kurti: We are now in the second phase, and if it does not pass, then the result is known, go to new elections. But first phase remains, since nobody goes with PDK, and again will be good for three parties LDK, AAK and go with a list initiative in the election, “Self,” a list of some unions, and DCP.

Otherwise, if the second phase passes successfully do the deal, then go into the final third phase, which is the manifestation of our programs. But if our alternative is not accepted by the governing coalition, the Movement as we again say “yes” to support this coalition, by providing the numbers, but not becoming part of it, which means they then do not have us for adoption of laws, because we stick to our resort. But numbers have PS, because we managed to remove the rails, who send in Bosnia.
Voice: What if LDK, AAK and initiative, say “yes” Movement conditions, how to come to power, and when they break it come?

Albin Kurti: If they get together and vote for “Vetëvendosjes” and then violate the agreement, we will treat as PDK. We do not want to replace PDK with other parties, who just send us in Bosnia. One thing should be clear, that even if we spend these three phases, the mandate of this government we do not see as a government of hope, but as a government of the state of emergency rescue, because we believe that we have significant differences of problems not small with each other. Therefore, any future government should not be governed by the now four years rehatohen some other party. Must be a government with limited two-year term, after which the reviewing what we did for two years and does it make sense to continue for two years. If we turn to economic development and fighting corruption and work with tenacity 2 years, I think that after 2 years, this government can or will or will continue to beat new elections were held.


Integration development framework, not reconciliation

Voice: When you propose to talk with the northern Serbs with Belgrade’s not, as you claim to persuade Serbs to enter into dialogue with you?

Albin Kurti: We have to go there myself, through the neighborhood to meet and talk janë.Është wrong anywhere north-south access, Albanian-Serbian view this approach is military territory. And I want to cross the territory of socioekonomia. The idea of “self-determination” is that it considers that there are Serbs north of the Ibar River that have nothing to do with Serbia’s parallel structures, they are Serbs who live there decades ago and will admit to their Albanian neighbors , who have been neighbors for decades, rather than Serbs came from another municipality in Kosovo after 99-s. These are old Mitrovica Serbs with whom cooperation is necessary and easier.

And are benefiting from Serbs Serbia structures, but are not participating, either on welfare or pensions, and this category is also possible dialogue. And Serbs are part of parallel either in health, education, culture, and with whom dialogue is difficult but attainable. And are Serbs who are part of the MIA, with whom dialogue is not only impossible, but also should not happen.
were these different members of Serbian paramilitary structures, which should be investigated and the end result criminal arrests and convictions.

Regarding the strategy to integrate Serbs there, if we had a water factory in Mitrovica, Albanians and Serbs will create joint trade unions.
Production is one that unites people. “Mitrovica today is not the country of production and consumption. If you send manufacturing integration, whether consumption will only send partition “. So I’m for a dialogue with Kosovo Serbs in the framework of the development of non-compliance. This means that I do not expect from a Kosovo Serb citizen me apologize. Such conditions should be presented to Serbia as a state, because a Serbian citizen even if he worked against Kosovo has done encouraged by Serbian state.

Voice: Is the international community has already begun to show concern for the possibility of interruption of dialogue. PS While extreme appreciate why requires termination of dialogue?

Albin Kurti: The international community has a side Thaci, who before wondering says “yes”. The compare us with Thaci us, we came we look radical. Otherwise it would be like comparing us with parties of their countries. But we need to create a new situation in Kosovo, where no one compares with Thaci. Thaci himself here is extreme, and normal man against extremists seem extreme in terms of ekstremes. Realistically we are normal, they are extreme.

I have had numerous meetings with international money even after we entered the institutions, and should patiently explain things to them. But I think that international position will change if these three parties have to change the attitude, if these three parties hold principled stance seriously.

Voice: But to LVV a changed international approach?

Albin Kurti: I think that is starting to rethink not be changed. Increased their understanding of “self-determination” comes from two factors: The first is that the state of Kosovo with their method has no more success, with wild privatizations, deals with Serbia, the number of asylum seekers set, where our people or die in the river Tisza, or those who end up in prisons luck Hungary.

And the second is our socioekonomi discourse. This time we have a lot of explaining in detail, and this discourse that we offer the center-left social-democracy is challenged more difficult. I think that many of them have begun to consider and speak better for “Vetëvendosjes”.




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