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Albin Kurti – Conditions

“Voice” brought you plan Movement ‘Self-Determination’, how she sees the cessation of negotiations with Belgrade and the resumption of a new direct dialogue with Kosovo Serbs and Brussels. VV leader, Albin Kurti, reveals for the first time in the newspaper four points of the plan and an explanation for each.

Interview given by the leader of Self Determination Movement, Albin Kurti

Interview given by the leader of Self Determination Movement, Albin Kurti

Point of view – has to do with the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee, which for six months will be investigating all the dialogue process 3 years. The reasons for this are that there was no transparency in the whole process of negotiations, and two resolutions of the Assembly that the 18 October 2012 and 6 June 2013 have been violated.

The Prime Minister has not responded to invitations Foreign Affairs Committee that I’ve led. Energy and telecommunications agreement was never reported to the commission.

Minister for two years has developed about 24 meetings with former Serbian Prime Minister Dacic and we do not know what all agreed. “Minister Dacic belonged more often than coming to the Assembly of Kosovo. During these two years I have not been able to meet my brother or mother so often, “said Kurti.

The second point –  is that the 19 April 2013 agreement between the two prime ministers will be sent to the Venice Commission. The reasons for this are, that this agreement as such is sraciste and is inconsistent with human rights, but also with the legal regulation of the Kosovo Constitution.

It says that the police commander for northern Serbian should be. “And we say that the captain should be professional, honest and not Serbian or Albanian. Category profession may not be ethnic category, “said Kurti Serbian .. Being not represent nor professional or moral aspect.

Now we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Serbia and do not understand why again should the police commander necessarily to be Serbian? I am therefore convinced that the Venice Commission will reject the deal.

Third point  – is that we have no need for dialogue with Serbia, but we need to dialogue with Kosovo Serbs. Dialogue with Belgrade nor integrated the Kosovo Serbs nor united Mitrovica. Have to transform into open dialogue with Kosovo Serbs, seeing them as citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, with the same rights and needs as other citizens.

And the fourth point  – this proposal is to start a new dialogue with Brussels for Kosovo-EU contractual relations, in order to define our relationship.

Dialogue with Brussels should framework the department for EU enlargement, which may submit Brussels needs to see that Kosovo must meet with Serbia. In other words, we must return to dialogue to dialogue. T

s back in the autumn of 2010, when Thaci negotiate behind closed doors with Baroness Ashton, lost time when most of the battle for Kosovo. And we should not Thaci’s footsteps.

Otherwise, this is the plan that was submitted Kurti three party leaders already on kalicion LDK and AAK Initiative, who is awaiting the response. If they agree to observe these points, Kurti will continue to support in their goal to make a new government together. If not, then PS will be withdrawn from the opposition bloc, says Kurti and as result will be, going to new elections.




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