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Chaos in Kosovo

Since the elections things in Kosovo are going from bad to worse. On one hand you have the USA frantically trying to keep Hashim Thaci in power. Scrambling to find extra votes for him, by opening election boxes and re-counting to find the elusive votes.

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Deputy to Thaci, millionaire Pacolli, is once again teaming up with Thaci to make sure this corrupt government gets back into power. There has been talk of another election in September, just so that the talks can go ahead with puppet Thaci. If there is to be another election, it should be straight away, before things escalate more. The Kosovar people have taken to the street to demonstrate against Thaci and there will be no peace while he is Prime Minister.


Meanwhile almost all of the other political parties are joining together to prevent Thaci ruling again. Nobody wants another four years of corruption and nepotism. Thaci will take the country backwards and it is time to move on.


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The main stumbling block in all of this, is that Albin Kurti from Vetevendosje will not join the other three parties, unless certain conditions are met. These conditions are the very conditions that the USA and EU want Thaci to stay in power and to hell what the Kosovo people want.  These conditions are:

  • That upcoming talks with Serbia will not go ahead as planned.
  • That there will be no privatisation of  PTK or the mines.

We have also seen secret meetings between the head of the Constitutional Court, Enver Hassani and the advisor to the President, Arber Vllahiu. They were spotted together in City Park in Prishtina and the speculations started that Enver Hassani was being directed to make Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister for a third time. These things are expected in Kosovo when the US meddles in politics and the elections. The two men made the excuses, that they accidentally bumped into each other in the park, but nobody seriously believes that. Especially after the way the Kosovo President was elected.

Kallaxo.com photograph

Kallaxo.com photograph

As if all that was not enough, Thaci has stirred up more trouble in Mitrovica by following the orders of the US to remove the barricades on the bridge. No sooner than the barricades were removed the Kosovo Serbs replaced them with trees. Now on Sunday all the troubles have erupted again with police firing tear gas at demonstrators and KFOR soldiers firing rubber bullets.

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taken from various sources read more in Zeri



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