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Meeting with the Bundestag MP, Marieluise Beck

VETËVENDOSJE HEADQUARTERS! MP TODAY VISITED THE BUNDESTAG MARIE LUISE BECK, SIMULTANEOUSLY, A MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS ACCOMPANIED BY DEPUTY HEAD OF GERMANY IN PRISTINA, MATTHIAS KIESLER. Znj.Beck and Deputy Head of the meeting was hosted by Albin Kurti, Chairman of the Movement, the accompanied by Puhie Demaku member of the board and secretary for foreign affairs, and Visar Ymer, a member of the Presidency.


The meeting discussed the latest political developments after the general elections in Kosovo, with particular emphasis on the creation of a new government. Delegation VETËVENDOSJE!explained the course of events of the day Monday when the movement began contacts and meetings to block the creation of the government led by PDK leader Hashim Thaci.

At this meeting also discussed the position VETËVENDOSJE! and meeting the criteria that will dictate whether or not its support to the new government. Chairman of the Movement, Albin Kurti explained two basic criteria as defining movement has the support of the new Government are suspending dialogue with Serbia and implementation of agreements made, and the suspension of the privatization of public enterprises in Kosovo.

Pristina, 12 June 2014




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