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What On Earth Has EULEX Been Doing in The Last 14 Years – Rule of Law – What Rule of Law??

Electoral Fraud is Rife

This political mess would not have happened if EULEX had been doing their job, bring rule of law to Kosovo. Instead we have people not voting because they do not trust the system and they are right not to trust it.

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PDK paying for votes, which is electoral fraud, by a party that is full of corruption and its leader Hashim Thaci the most corrupt of all. Why has he not been arrested for all of these crimes? He has been able to get away with it for years and everyone knows he is a criminal, giving government contracts to his brothers, sending Kosovo money out of the country. How can EULEX expect to spread rule of law in the country when they let the Prime Minister get away with so many crimes.

For a man who came into office with no money he now has millions. If you drive up into the hills, all the land on the left hand side of the road, for miles and miles  is owned by Thaci. Then there is the house, the cars and that is just the Hashim Thaci, the brothers have even more. One brother has the monopoly over the border insurance EULEX knows this, but they do nothing. In Kosovo there is one rule of law for the people and another for politicians.

Now it has come to light that people were being paid to vote for PDK not that we are surprised by this as Thaci was being booed everywhere he went before the election. In the 2010 elections a source tells how he was paid to nullify votes. This election was corrupt and everyone  turns a blind eye.

The USA want Thaci to remain in power as the American Ambassador has made quite clear in recent weeks, saying they have unfinished business. In other words Thaci is a puppet of the USA and does what he is told to do. This is the reason he has not been prosecuted for his crimes.

Hashim Thaci fought for Kosovo and then ripped the guts out of it, to line his own pockets and those of his brothers. As for the President of Kosovo; every man and his dog knows how she got her job.

Prishtina Municipality is the only place we can be sure there is no corruption and nepotism since Shpend Ahmeti became Mayor. It is a good feeling to know there is someone in power that is trustworthy. Shpend Ahmeti has done more to stamp out corruption in a few months, than EULEX has in 14 years.

This show the voters in Prishtina are more intelligent than the rest of the country. PDK pay the poor to vote as they cannot see past the next meal time, instead of having the intelligence to know if they vote for a party that will create jobs, they will no longer be poor.

It only goes to show, that when a party has to resort to buying votes because they know that nobody will vote for them. This is electoral fraud and if there is rule of law in Kosovo it should be dealt with.

When the world talks about Kosovo being full of crime, human trafficking and organ trafficking, EULEX is not doing a damn think to stamp it out and continue to let Hashim Thaci and his brothers flaunt the law. Thaci started his election campaign before the election was announced travelling the country and promising the earth.

People are now calling for a new election, because if Thaci remains in power there will be a revolution. EULEX should spread the rule of law to everyone, letting the biggest criminal in the country remain free, sets a bad example to the rest.




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