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Nobody wants to join PDK, will we have elections again?

Democratic Party of Kosovo has really won the parliamentary elections with little more than 30 percent of the vote and will now belongs to conceive that the government immediately after the president’s first term to give to make it. But with who will do it?

Democratic League of Kosovo, which is the second party in the country with little more than 25 percent, already stated several times that it would not join the government PDK.

Even worse for PDK, comes when the third party rather Self-Determination Movement, declared today that he will not ever go into coalition with the PDK. Not even that will not go down but will also lobbied the other opposition parties not to do such a thing.

“There should be given a new government with old ideas PDK,” said Kurti.

While in her first statement since crossed the threshold, respectively Kosovo INITIATIVE its leader Fatmir Limaj, has said that citizens voted for change this time will stand behind this vote respecting it.

The one that is not declared so far is definitely the AAC. Will accept Ramush Haradinaj to enter into a government where Hashim Thaci will be prime minister, or the Minister for the sake of the enjoyment of a mandate as the winning party will defer giving the post of Prime Minister Haradinaj remains to be seen.

However, such things are being seen in the first days after the vote, the PDK will not be easy for the creation of a new government with its terms.

If not, then the country can go to early elections since the fall of this year, or DCP will slip right party second. / Voice /



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