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Political demagoguery LDK Kosovo will pay more …

Shefqet Dibrani

Shefqet Dibrani

(This analysis comes as a reflection of unitary actions that is making the LDK leadership, which also this time is not daring to take on the responsibilities that assigns time)

A country is not in crisis if a government is weak in leadership, management and development of the country. A country is not in crisis, even if it is corrupt governing body, even, even not in crisis even if it is involved in organized crime, political and economic. A country is in great crisis only if it can not replace the a government conscious, able and dignified. Kosovo today is experiencing this crisis today, as none of the entities that compete not met the minimal skill, finesse and political morality. In general, starting from number one of the parties not to go farther than number ten in each list has open files and corrupt people.

As a connoisseur of political developments in the LDK, and her activist from Since 1989, not without purpose will take into consideration only the party list which have served since the establishment, when a large part of this list or have been in diapers or have been engaged in raiding operations against LDK against its policy and against the historical leader who had the party and Kosovo. In this plan LDK list of suspected presses if the job Mayor Isa Mustafa has taken seriously. Apparently it Kumrovcit school has put in charge of the mission to destroy the philosophy çerekshekullore Ibrahim Rugova and the LDK itself. Now LDK list, highlight all the demagogy introduced the reforms it has promised a framework Refined never mind shared by the League of Communists of Yugoslavia as Mustafa. List clarifies that he has not made ​​any kind of reform. He has not removed any of the losers of the elections, the dotty old man, and brought in the party, as we say in the Diaspora “to Bahnhof” and has entered the list, which according to statements Isa Mustafa, had no contradiction, which means that you are consciously made ​​responsible for this political crime entire list and its endorsers. philosophy to change their government evil with evil people is wrong and has serious consequences for the present and future Kosovo.

A bad government must be replaced only with a good government, and the lady conscious to show off the country from the crisis. At present he LDK list these options: NO, because LDK, unfortunately is transformed into a “karakush – mange”, which manifests itself as a disease mainly through the legs of horses. This philosophy out of the communist schools Kumrovcit being represented by the head of the list, respectively LDK chairman Mustafa, who apparently intends to maintain a structure, a crawler clan, who are said not disgraced though that are associated with economic crime and other fare, and stick to the list. Like others approve of what was dictated by the boss, so the situation is worrying, and this concern is related to the fact that they are deafening mouths about everyone and not worry about Kosovo.

To make the situation more tragic, LDK Isa Mustafa nominee for prime minister without clarifying his role at the time of the Constitutional amendment for a unified Serbia and the Government of Yusuf Zejnullahu. And there was never clarified, if not Surroi, who made ​​a Minister in the Government of Bukoshi, when throughout the 90s are known to Bujar Bukoshi positions, and with it also the Isa Mustafa, and a clan about them, that all the money and got their arsenal directed against LDK dr. Ibrahim Rugova. And are popular attitudes against Central Presidency, against No. KIC against LDK branches, especially in Germany and Switzerland. At the time of that government was Minister Mustafa who had gathered “Juan Known People”, which in normal conditions would work prosecution. Mustafa should speak more clearly to FARK for career military, for Koshare. If the game was not promising military “FARK”, on the other hand, had allegedly played the game as if the devil.

Isa Mustafa, after the war (sometime in 2003-2004), refused to become Minister in LDK, because at that time has not endured dr. Ibrahim Rugova and rain for he never distanced himself from the actions of Bujar Bukoshi, but he has given great privileges when spit never discussed as a politician. Surprisingly all Isa Mustafa, he had forgiven all these sins, exactly Fatmir Sejdiu, who did his own adviser, even breaking the all-party procedures. Later became the mayor of Pristina, and rehabilitates a word without consulting anyone. And this with his famous method of shpërbelu Sejdiu punishment which he deserved, but not by Isa Mustafa. But Mustafa is now mock electorate and the fate of Kosovo. known, Isa Mustafa attitudes in relation to family dr. Ibrahim Rugova, which for our bad luck this first family Bujar Bukoshi rehabilitate, and now Isa Mustafa, and indeed if in the 90’s and after the war did not realized their goals against dr. Rugova, in relation to this family Bukoshi & Mustafa realized their scripts completely.

Mustafa is not a reformer, but he knowingly left out: Yusuf Buxhovi which have not come into promoting books for “Kosovo”.Then he left out the dr. Recep George, dr. Zejnullah Rrahmani, Comedy Gervalla and all branches of LDK in the Diaspora, while Hafiz Gagica koritur should not, because it no longer represents the LDK branch in Germany, and is not supposed to create doubts about conflicts with the former, even even those that were rumored that the German prosecutor has launched an investigation, which are set in motion people close to him. then had to calculate confidence Anton Kolaj, Naser Rugova, Frasher Demaj Azem Hajdari race of journalists is Mehmetaj Gani wanted to forget, not to be “adhering” by ignoring the way LDK activists who for a quarter century was stayed loyal to their political principles. was not enough LDK triple loss in Pristina, which Isa Mustafa made ​​to be silent against other losers throughout Kosovo … and a host of other facts that this man had to resign and not hurt more democratic processes. But it is known that the screenwriter of this condition is exactly LDK LDK secretary Beqiri, who is just turning into a sticky fllaster anywhere and anytime.

Why now the so-called analyst, especially those that they turn not speak openly Isa ison processes are known to exist, therefore he must question the LDK and Kosovo such a prime? concern in this plan out the fact that in case of a possible victory, will continue Mustafa Hashim No.2 role, and then the big black would fall over Kosovo, as this will degenerate LDK further.Methodology Kumrovcit School as no one else has this set in motion to create a false image that somewhat care for family Rugova and his intrigues Teutë I. Rugova has entered the list, then the next surprise is even Enver Maloku daughter – Doruntina , and also created the image rehabilitation Isa, knowing what Mustafa has made ​​with her ​​father, of course, for many of whom the action Doruntina E. Maloku dog. A trend is also seen with rehabilitation military career to delay the issue of FARK and especially research for the murder of Ahman Krasniqi.coverage known journalist who made ​​their careers have no luck for LDK , especially for branch in Switzerland, is also one other game which LDK electorate again puts in a dilemma not stand out on polling day of June 8, as he is aware electorate demagoguery that made ​​head LDK was represented by Isa Mustafa and assisted by a klanokratur will not be shown better than what was in effect.




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