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WikiLeaks: Kosovo is sliding toward Separtation

According to WikiLeaks American diplomats warn that ‘shaking and European weakness “could strengthen Serbian control over northern territory ..”

This tendency for separation of Kosovo from Serbia is observed meetings between Ivica Dacic and Hashim Thaci in Brussels dialogue. Regarding this well-known American profeseri Alan Kuperman Balkans expert and professor at the American University of Texas at Austin, reports news agency “Our Presevo”


U.S. fears Europe will cave in to Serb pressure for Kosovo to be partitioned in a move which diplomats warn could trigger ethnic violence.

WikiLeaks shows senior Serbian privately told Washington and the EU, the Kosovo government will never gain full control of the disputed territory – and insisted on a way for separation.

“Failure to act soon means losing northern Kosovo and will reopen the Pandora’s box of ethnic conflict that defined the 1990s,” wrote U.S. Ambassador in Kosovo, ChristopherDell, transemton WikiLeaksSipas Dell “is the right time to give years ended in the north direction and change the dynamic of a hardening partition between the north and the rest of Kosovo … The current situation is vulnerable and deteriorating. ”

Serbian leaders ikan U.S. ambassador in Belgrade that “Serbs in northern Kosovo will never accept Albanian government.”

In cables say that the West is not a public figure for Kosovo Serb negotiator Borko Stefanovic, but adviser to Serbian President Boris Tadic on foreign policy, Jovan Ratkovic.

In a cable to the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade has said that Ratkovic U.S. Ambassador Mary Warlick said that “Belgrade is not intended to change the reality on the ground for Kosovar Albanians, but also attempts to change reality for Serbs means destabilization”.

“These people have never lived with Albanians, have never felt part of Kosovo and will not accept rule by Pristina,” said Ratkovic U.S. Ambassador Mary Warlick.

Ratkovic in that conversation, according to WikiLeaks, has stated that the U.S. and EU have analyzed military intervention compulsory integration of northern Kosovo. A months ago, Ratkovic handed Cooper plan for partition of Kosovo and the same idea has also given the representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton.

NdërsaSerbia publicly and repeatedly claimed that he would never accept or recognize an independent Kosovo, the cilatajoi considers sacred historical Serbian territory, cables reveal Belgrade’s acknowledgment that Albanian-controlled Kosovo is lost and that Serbia’s ambitions to ‘Joining the EU would suffer if he continues a hard line in the territory.

“The north has become a proxy battleground for two different visions for the future of the region: for Serbs and for Belgrade it represents that part of Kosovo is likely to be held by Serbia in a partition scenario as a precursor of Acceptance Serbia to the EU, while for ethnic Albanians in northern Kosovo remains the key to keeping symbolic to prove the legitimate sovereignty of Kosovo “.

This year, Americans reported Tadic policy in northern Kosovo had become “increasingly aggressive”. “A near frozen conflict in northern Kosovo remains the biggest threat to a safe and secure environment in Kosovo in terms of the near and medium term.” Region had become a “kontabnde base for illegal Serbian parallel structures and a region full of crime organized.

U.S. officials in Belgrade and Pristina repeatedly questioned European determination and staying power in the preservation of territorial integrity and resisting Serbian pressure, while lending to Belgrade using scare tactics effectively Europeans. EU PorCooperi PhilipGordon said, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Europe, in Stockholm last year that “decentralization in Kosovo will not succeed,” broadcasts “Our Presevo”

“If it is to succeed, it must make critical issues of the north, but that progress will only come if Brussels applies equal pressure on Belgrade and Pristina, rather than acceding to Belgrade’s political demands and alienating counterparts their Kosovo. So far the jury is still out on whether the EU will show the necessary level of political leadership.

“Intensified problems we predict as a consequence of Belgrade’s intransigence – especially those surrounding Kosovo’s north where Serb extremists have shown their willingness to constant confrontation – could easily lead some poor Europeans to withdraw their commitments over time and settle for a split-result “.

Source in Albanian



2 thoughts on “WikiLeaks: Kosovo is sliding toward Separtation

  1. If these people (Serbians) have never lived with Albanians, where are they from? If they have never felt part of Kosovo, then they should leave Kosovo, and if they will not accept rule by Prishtina, they again should leave Kosovo, because they are living in the wrong country and should move to Serbia.

    There are Albanians living in South Serbia, they are treated from the Serbian Authorities worse than the Serbians in Northern Kosovo. Is anybody talking about that? People are free to leave the country, if they do not want to live there. There will be no partition of Kosovo caused by planned incidents from the Serbian Government in Northern Kosovo. There is no space for compromises anymore. There has been enough murdering of Albanians by Serbian Government. There is just enough potential for another war.

    Posted by Xhevat Muharremi | February 9, 2015, 3:11 pm
    • Last year on the BBC’s Hardtalk when they were interviewing the Deputy Minister of Kosovo, he had the cheek to say to her, if Mitrovica has mostly Serbians living there, you should give it to Serbia. If that is how they solve problems in the Britain, then Luton, Leicester and Bradford should be given to Pakistan. I don’t understand why there has to be Serbian politicians in the Kosovo government. Would countries in Europe accept having enemy politicians stopping the country going forward. If they expect minority groups to have power in the parliament, they should do it in EU countries before using all these divisive methods in Kosovo. Now they are talking about cutting the debts, to stop people leaving, which sounds like an excuse to wipe the Serbian debts.

      Posted by friends of kosova | February 9, 2015, 3:28 pm

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