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The Reason the USA Want Their Puppet Thaci to Remain Prime Minister

Recently we heard US Ambassador, Tracy Jacobson speaking out saying “we are in middle of talks” which she means is she is still in talks with Hashim Thaci, puppet Prime Minister to the USA.

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These talks do not benefit Kosovo, but benefits Serbia, as Catherine Ashton wants to rush through getting Serbia accepted into the EU. Catherine Ashton has failed at everything she has done so far and this will be a way to redeem herself before she retires, to hell with the consequences on Kosovo.

thaciNew Deal and harmful for Kosovo is expected to be signed in September.

Serbia has agreed not to hinder Kosovo in its UN membership, provided that the Serbs have a separate entity in Kosovo, with executive power, the type of Republika Srpska. Agreed with this idea is outgoing Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

read more in Zeri newspaper



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