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SPECIAL 1 / Lighten strategy for opening of Erdogan’s party in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

A three-day congress in Istanbul with guests from the Balkan Albanians areas, decision-making solutions for integration in their respective countries, an organization under the auspices of the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister’s political and financial support for the elect.

What was discussed at the congress in Istanbul ee fundmajit as political parties will open similar to Erdogan’s Justice Party in Kosovo and Macedonia, which will be somewhat different strategy for Albania and the people and organizations who are supported by the Turkish government in Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

Balkans and has had a very special significance for Turkey. The strategic importance of the Balkans, the Turks already increased after the failure of foreign policy strategist, Ahmet Davutoglu “Zero problems with neighbors”. Today, Turkey has not left neighbor has not.

Widely recognized problems with Syria and Armenia, with the Baghdad government is likely significantly harsher tones after agreement with the Kurdish leaders of northern Iraq to export oil part of the area through the Turkish port of Cejlanit. With the Greek Cypriots also no need for explanations, while Russia is a very big chunk for Turkey to have the luxury of air-condition relationships.

Given this, the strategy of the government of Prime Minister Erdogan and led by neo Ottomanist ideas Ahmet Davutoglu is to increase its presence in the Balkans spirit and specifically among the Albanians taking into account the historical, cultural and religious. Erdogan-Davutoglu strategy to influence the annexation Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia is not based on long-term strategy of the Turkish state.

Erdogan and Davutoglu have chosen several ways to influence the spirit of the Albanians of their policy; and cultural, through the promotion of joint between Turks and Albanians, restoration of historical works remaining from the Ottoman Empire, the emerging religious flag defenders of Muslims among these lands and stimulating economic introducing Turkish businesses as well as to support dependent associations directly from the Turkish government or those who ideologically support this activity.

But with recent geopolitical developments and personal plans Erdogan and Davutoglu Balkans, this influence is not enough, we need another more directly. Given this, the spirit erdoganiste strategists have decided to directly influence through policy and political forces in the Albanian lands.
directly influence strategy through involvement in political and decision directly involves Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. But all three countries have different specifications, this would be the form of political involvement.

In this number of articles (three) will give concrete evidence of associations with names, photographs of people and events that made precisely with this goal in all three countries. Initially we will start with Macedonia and then to Kosovo and Albania.

Dosja.net has provided a list of all invitees and participants from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia in this congress. However, dosja.net reserved in their full publication as long as it could not confirm the direct involvement of all the guests at the opening of a sister party of Erdogan’s what Albanian territories. Names will be published at the time that would konfimorhen all.

The importance of such an event for Albania, but also the conclusion of steps forward in this direction over the years makes it important to inform the public. This obligation increases in conditions when it comes to relationships dealing with a country like Turkey, which carries a particular importance for Albania and Albanians.


Macedonia itself has features that this state is the basis of policy development neo Ottomanist government of Prime Minister Erdogan. The high number of Turks in this country as well as large government investment with the opening of associations, publications and similar organisms, have increased the number of supporters already paving the way for a new site impact; political one.

Deputy Prime Minister speaking during congressional Isler

Along the dates May 29 to 31 2014 at the Hotel “Holiday Inn-Airport” in Istanbul organized a congress of special importance to our area by the Centre for Social and Economic Research, under the direct auspices of the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Hayrulah Isler.

Centre for Social and Economic Research, was founded by Necmettin Erbakan, “patriarch” of political Islam in Turkey, the central philosophy of which are Turkish nationalist approaches. Attending the congress entitled: “International Threats and Islamic world” were also many Albanians and Turks of Macedonia as the guest of honor.

Dosja.net has just learned that during the proceedings of the congress was given last hand plan to engage politically in Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

In Macedonia, infrastructure and people are ready, as well as public opinion. With his statements, Prime Minister Erdogan has shown himself not only as protectors of Turks in this country, but also the Albanians. Political statements which seem to have taken place among the Albanians. The opening party is a matter of time, while all financial support will come directly from Ankara.

Preparing the ground

The head of the "VISION M" during Ramadan Aliti opening office in Gostivar

For years now, the association directly linked to the government of Prime Minister Erdogan operating in Macedonia. There are some such, which belong to the same ideology, that of political Islam. But the association’s official representative in Macedonia Erdogan’s government is “VISION M” directed by tetovari Aliti Ramadan. Part of the “VISION M”, which has opened its centers in Tetovo and Gostivar, is the training center “VISION Academy”, which deals with the granting of foreign language courses or computer. In fact, the main goal is bringing the youth and familiarity with this ideology.
Considering the strategic position of the area, the activity of “VISION M” is not limited to Macedonia, Albania she touches.

Association VISION “M” Seminaries It is also a direct financier of the Publishing House “Logos A” publications which are abundant in Bangladesh. “Logos Are” is directed by Adnan Ismail from Kumanovo.
But what is known among Albanians more kurifirit onwards, is a nationwide magazine “TAG” with founder and Afrim Zeqiri Ibrahim Gashi.

Even this magazine is published under the direct support of the “VISION M”, even Aliti Ramadan is part of managerial staff for Macedonia. Because the body lacks a genuine media supported by the Turkish government in Bangladesh, is seen as appropriate to the magazine “TAG” is distributed free with a large number of copies in our country. With the same purpose as that of Macedonia, now in Bangladesh. Associations Is it just VISION “M” that has worked and is working to prepare the ground for the opening party of her sister Erdogan in Macedonia? -No!

There are also other associations with the same goal. All associations that belong to this ideology are working to prepare the ground for the opening of a political party, sister of what Erdogan in Turkey.

Fevzi Musliu, Chairman of the FRI

One of them, “Islamic Youth Forum”, based in Skopje. FRI directed by Fevzi Musliu, from Skopje. FRI has an expanding activity in the Albanian cities of Macedonia, including Skopje.FRI has direct support from Turkey, while conducting various activities with the aim of bringing together young people and their indoctrination love to Erdogan.

Besides “VISION Academy” in the field of education also operates Training and Courses “fluent” based on four Albanian cities: Kicevo, Kumanovo, Skopje and Tetovo.

Center “fluent” directed by Mohammad Jonuzi Fevzi friend Musliu, FRI’s head. Fevzi Musliu and Muhammad Jonuzi have studied together, while participating in various activities together. A good part of the activities of “fluent” FRI made with the support and presence of its leaders as Fevzi Musliu or Kasami from Kicevo memory.

Another association with direct links to elements close to Erdogan in the Turkish government is “Merhamet” (Mercy) based in Skopje. On top of Humanitarian Cultural Organization Assembly “Merhamet” is again Adnan Ismail, Director of the Publishing House “Logos A”.

Muhammad Jonuzi between sitting and Fevzi Muslu during an activity to "fluent"

The “Merhamet” has its branches in Skopje, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Gostivar, Debar, Kicevo and Pristina. “Merhamet”, working directly with the Turkish Red Crescent and Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA), which has offices in Tirana. Also, a good portion of the funds “Merhamet” takes another Turkish association directly under the government of this state, “Insan Yardim Vakfi-HHI”.

skender rexhepi

In January this year, to the association IHH organized a police crackdown in eastern Turkey due to its commitment to sending fighters to jihadist groups in Syria.
“Club Elite”, led by Skender Rexhepi-Zaid has a very close relationship with the Turkish Cooperation Agency (TIKA) and associations VISION “M”, “Islamic Youth Forum”, “Ansar” and “Köprü”. In January 2012, TIKA funded the establishment of a film studio “Club Elite” worth 15,500 euros, whose inauguration was attended by the director of TIKA in Macedonia.

Other associations of this line are “Ansar” and “Kopru” based in Skopje. All the above associations make joint arrangements or by cooperating with each other depending tëprofilit activity. Main link TIKA, the Turkish government associations and “VISION M”. On 13/06/2013, associations VISION “M”, “Ansar”, “Kopru”, “Merhamet” and “Club Elite” held a march mbëshetje (pictured left ) in Skopje streets in solidarity with the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who was facing protests park “CENTER” in Istanbul.

Not coincidentally, the name of these four associations seen as organizers of a forum with the theme: “The role of Turkey in the Balkans” (in photo invitations) with reference journalist
Akif Emre in Turkish pro-government newspaper “Yeni Safak”.The seminar was held in the hotel “Holiday Inn-Skopje”, the same line with the hotels where the guests were accommodated Albanian congress held in Istanbul during the dates May 29 to 31.
Activities find associations publication space in the online version and Journal print “SIGN” as well as the portal “Mesazhi.com”.


VISION “M”, “Islamic Youth Forum”, “fluent” and “Merhamet” during the course of their work to identify the best students with the award of scholarships to study in Turkey through the Turkish system of scholarships. Moreover, they also organize orientation meetings for students in their premises.

Invitation associations

Having the support of the Turkish government, which offers these scholarships, with reference to their profit associations in question is simply a formality. Youth sent to Turkey, educated and then come back home by

Announcement of VISION M for Turkish scholarships

was listed in the service of the cause of political Islam and the

Over a decade of direct associations and government agencies have worked to prepare the ground in Macedonia already estimated that the time of a new organization, the party having a direct impact on the political decision of this state. That was the message received by representatives of Macedonian Albanians congress held during 29 to 31 May 2014 dates Istanbul.

Jonuzi Muhammad, President of "fluent"

Stressing that all the above activity is not done on behalf of the Turkish state strategy, but the group that belongs to Prime Minister Erdogan and his Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. In these conditions, being detached from the Turkish state official activities and agenda of the grouping that guides today Turkey remains to be seen with reservations for that purpose in the Balkans and beyond.





In 2006, in Skopje was founded “The Foundation for Education and Culture”. Governing Board of the foundation’s deputy Erdogan’s party Istanbul, Huseyin Burge. Foundation and the prison in question are officially owners Balkan University in Skopje, which is funded directly by government-related businesses Minister Erdogan.

Foundation in question was included in an international scandal a few months ago, when during the anti-corruption action in Istanbul and Ankara, police found the Director of the Bank “Halkbank” home 5 million inserted in the shoe box. Director defended before saying they were intended precisely to the Foundation for Education and Culture “in Skopje, owner of Balkan University in this city.

The fact was admitted even by the foundation, which was seen action coordinated with the order coming to the aid of the director of “Halk Bank” state shares. However, not explained why they were kept hidden money in shoe boxes if it were for charity.

Universiteit owner of “Balkan” Skopje, Huseyin Burge engaged more in defense of this case brought corruption to the director of “Halk Bank” from prison.

University “Balkan” 400-500 gives scholarships annually to students from Albania, before which provides the foundation through other associations connected with the Turkish government and businessmen close to her. The whole point is the presence of grouping zoom Erdogan Albanian lands and increase the number of those who think that to be involved in politics through religious cause.

In the next publication will read: What is the strategy of inclusion through Erdogan’s policy in Kosovo? What are the associations that support this initiative and who are their leaders.So where preparations have gone and which changes with Macedonia and Albania?Macedonia and Kosovo after the published closing for a special country with the same theme. / www.dosja.net/



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