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Kosovo Needs New Faces in Politics

British Ambassador in Kosovo, Ian Cliff, is convinced that Kosovo needs new faces in politics, especially those who have a view of the country’s economic development.


According to him it seems that the political parties in Kosovo have understood this so well that we saw themselves as more recently had new feeds as civil society etc.. Says outgoing government in failing to create prospects for young people. Although openly criticizes that for three years has not been achieved to make electoral reform, in an interview with “Voice”, urges all parties not to manipulate the vote, warning that there will be consequences.

For dialogue with Serbia, says that should continue, whoever the next head of the government. Among other things, it provides harsh criticism of the Privatization Agency and requires the freezing of its activities.

While politicians in the north he suggests that the symbols of the Republic of Kosovo will not be removed from the ballot and failing to participate in the elections goes to the detriment of the Serbs.

Source in Albanian



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