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VETËVENDOSJE Vow to Alleviate Poverty and Inequality

With VETËVENDOSJE will alleviate poverty and inequality, said chairman VETËVENDOSJE! Albin Kurti, the citizens of Pristina in the rally that was held tonight at Adem Jashari Square in Pristina.

MG_0720-670x400“60 waves, we have burned this industry and social peace that we see comes from immigrants who have, so from our Diaspora”, said Kurti. And according to him the only society with sustainable development and internal harmony is one in which those who earn less pay less, while those who earn more pay more for the common good. For this, Kurti said that SELF-DETERMINATION! proposes progressive tax, but also VAT escalated where basic products will become cheaper. He also said that the long-term plan envisaged the construction of a public bank that will help investment and development in general ..

But the Pristina mayor Ahmeti also said that the next prime minister Albin Kurti will fight corruption at the country level. “So far, 55 have sent the file to the prosecutor and are confident that with SELF-DETERMINATION!-N will turn even justice, fairness and trust. You know the other heads of municipalities what their problem is with the law. Now there are two possibilities: either scandals have news or news for Prime trim on Europe, “said Ahmeti also chairman of Pristina.

Ahmeti which by the British newspaper “The Guardian” is named as the most courageous mayor, spoke to this quality. “I’m not brave, but made me brave and makes movement self-determination. There are over 2000 volunteers and activists Pristina victory VETËVENDOSJE! that give me courage, “he said.

The successful candidate for deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo Ylli Hoxha explained why it chose the square “Adem Jashari” to keep this rally. “We have chosen this place because it is opposite the Municipality of Prishtina, Kosovo Parliament back, sideways and laterally European Union Museum. Now we love each other to pick Municipality, to bring to the Assembly, the Assembly at the museum, “said Hoxha.


May 25, 2014




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