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Imports of Privatization in Local Production


May 21, 2014 – Wednesday 11:46

VETËVENDOSJE! aims to pass on imports of privatization in local manufacturing. This was the main topic of Prizren visits by activists of the Movement self-determination.

Mayor Albin Kurti his third visit to the factory made “Freedom” was accompanied Prizren Prizren candidates for deputies: Mytaher Haskuka, Artan Abrashi, Nora arapoc Agron Dida, Valizake Thaci – Celina and Levent Qasemi.

Factory “Freedom” Kurti called example of success and opportunities for import substitution, as proposed in its Alternative Governance VETËVENDOSJE! “We think there is enough support for local producers by the government and the state of Kosovo and we believe that this should be changed immediately and forever, starting from the best options of removing VAT from basic products, from the raw material used to produce biscuits, banana cream candy and then continuing on with the local market for local products, “he said.

But the managing director of the factory Taulant Rexhëbeqaj thanked for the visit and support VETËVENDOSJE! gives local producers.

Candidates of Prizren, with activists VETËVENDOSJE visited Green City Market. Before the sellers in the market Kurti said that considering the state has not come to the aid of dealerships producers “More than three-quarters of the budget is filled in customs, but this should be changed radically. In the new government will create conditions incomparably more convenient for them, “he said. Meanwhile Mytaher Haskuka candidate during the pronunciation associated with the sales conditions in the market said that these barriers should be removed which currently have vendors and for this we are committed to a developmental state.

Your continued Bazhdarhane Prizren neighborhood where citizens discussed the problems they face and the solutions offered by Alternative Governance VETËVENDOSJE!



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