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Our policy for your pension plans to the Pension Fund

Yesterday, the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! held a press conference where he presented the measures for social security and pension system recovery.

MG_1084-670x400The conference was presented by Mayor Albin Kurti introduced the concept of the way towards the creation of social policy as a mechanism for the welfare and development. Faton Topalli Dardan Sejdiu introduced policy measures governing the use dignified retirement pension fund’s overall economic development. While Osman Osmani our government introduced measures to implement the agreement on pensions robbery Diaspora and stopping their vehicle insurance related and other burdens imposed by previous executives.

Below the summary measures for social protection policy and solidarity.  

Governance SELF-DETERMINATION! aims to build a sustainable pension system, solidarity and equal, that guarantees a stable and adequate pensions for future generations, but at the same time care for retirees.

With this option aims to create a pension system that will generate enough savings to create a sustainable pension system. Will be cared for existing retirees by creating a transitional period of one form into another pension. Would provide additional funding to stimulate strategic sectors and industries and will stimulate the creation of new jobs.

Through rigorous implementation of the following steps will enable our government that in the first year of governance VETËVENDOSJE, then in 2015 the basic pension will be 90 euros, while he kontributdhënës, 240 euros. Whereas until the end of term see basic pension will reach the amount of 150 euros, while he kontributdhënës, 260 euros. 

Additional contribution will be applied to the labor market by 5% +5% to 8% +8%, where the difference of 3% + 3% or additional amount over EUR 80 million annually will be transferred to the first pillar fund existing pensioners. Our government will establish the Pension Fund that will set in Pillar I and will be aiming to ease the fiscal burden of pensions in the budget and also increase the level of pensions.

We will open the mandatory pension market. Allowing competition in Pillar II provides increased efficiency as the management of pension savings but also to increase the amount collected. This step would ensure:

  1. the arrival of foreign investors,
  2. capacity building for the collection of pension contributions,
  3. diversification of risk associated with keeping all pension savings into a pension fund
  4. the same ability to manage pension savings.

A percentage of the funds that will be collected by the Pension Funds will be invested in Kosovo in national strategic assets Trepçë, KEK, or PTK . 3% return should be guaranteed for citizens’ savings from pension funds operating in the second column, Well it mandatory. If this return is not achieved, the same shall be refunded by the Company capital.

Lists of pensioners should be cleaned. They should include only those individuals who should receive pensions from pension basic pillars of Kosovo. Based on the experience of workingfor each retiree will calculate his pension, so the scaled : 5 – 10 years of work from 0.10 to 15 years of work, work 15-20 years, 20 or more years of work.

Regarding pensions in the Diaspora to engage with all countries where they work, live and act the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, accessed, respectively renewed bilateral or multilateral agreements on social security. Law on Social Security of the Republic of Kosovo shall include the possibility of transfer (export) of benefits abroad.

Governance VETËVENDOSJE will make legal regulation which prohibits the plundering of migrants as vehicle insurance or any fee, payment to them with unfair burdens.



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