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Another Illegal Building is Demolished

Inspection Directorate in Prishtina today intervened on May 6, 2014 , in an illegal construction on ” Agim Ramadani “.

Illegal construction in this part is made ​​after August 30, 2013 , therefore, not eligible to apply for legalization . At the location in question have emerged on building inspectors on Oct. 21, 2013 , where they found that it has begun construction on existing walls which have been as the terrace fence height 1.5 meters , and about 35 square meter area without obtaining the relevant by the municipal authority.

The building inspector also found that building construction has irreparably irregularities that jeopardize the stability of the building , the stability of surrounding buildings , or puts at risk the lives of people.

In this case , on Oct. 22, 2013 , the inspector issued a decision for the immediate demolition of the superstructure , and return the space to its former condition . For this decision , the party was announced the same day , ie on October 22, 2013.

Since the decision is not respected by the party Inspection Directorate today took the responsibility to take this action , in conformity with the decision to execute the laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

Pristina Municipality will not stop its never in the way law enforcement , regardless of circumstances , and will intervene in every case that presents abuse or violation of law .

Pristina Municipality Office of Public Relations

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