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Centre Gjilan: In SELF-DETERMINATION! new members, the new municipality affairs

Today, VETËVENDOSJE Center! Gjilan held a press conference in which Ismail Kurteshi coordinator and member of the Municipal Assembly, Nevzad Isufi The members presented new in Gjilan and some disturbing facts about illegal constructions in the municipality of Gjilan.


In his Kurteshi Ismail said the number of stakeholders to support the movement but also for being an active part of it is growing every day.

Many new and young, students, intellectuals and experts of various fields, farmers and pensioners join us – Kurteshi went further. Their goal and ours is that the example of good governance in the Municipality of Prishtina and the alternative model VETËVENDOSJE to change throughout Kosovo.

“From multiple memberships that occurred last few days is the membership of two activists of the national question Mr. Sabit Rexhepi, president of the Association of Political Prisoners f z.Shemseddin Hoxha former political prisoner, who believe in the Alternative Movement and are completely dissatisfied with the political and economy “- said Ismail presented Kurteshi until the newcomers.

Sabit Rexhepi, in his speech stressed the fact that it has been five months since Gjilan chose the Mayor who had promised too has not yet even a job that makes life easy for people who believe in his promises. His promises – continued Rexhepi – promises that resembled currently makes only outgoing Prime Minister to win elections even though I know that most of them are hopeless. Gjilan citizens are realizing that the current rulers are not distinguished from those who fled and that problem is not only lack of funds but also the willingness to work of the new leadership – ended Sabit Rexhepi.

Then the floor was the leader of the group of members of the Municipal Assembly, Nevzad Isufi who presented with facts some very disturbing information in the municipality of Gnjilane.

Isufi told the media that has the same issues presented in the Municipality. It is about building the facility to pump fuel oil from the company HIB PETROL highway string. We have raised the question – he continued – if the owner of this facility has requested and is equipped with a building permit, which the executive question Gnjilane got no reply.

In the absence of preparedness for response or discussion, the same questions sent in writing to the Department of Urban Planning and Environmental Protection and the Department of Inspection.

Department of Urban and Environmental Protection, written in our questions, we got answers that the land in question lies in the four plots, and that at the request of its owner Too transformed this agricultural land into construction land, according to a municipal decision 30 October 2008, and the land in question somewhat destination, I quote: ” Expanding existing track and building Autorrugës railway embankment “it seems to be set on Appendix 1 of the Law Building nr.04/L-110, that were supposedly competence of the respective Ministry.

So, Too earth transformed from farmland into construction, legally, but that is completely different destination, so destination has been and continues to track the expansion of existing and construction Autorrugës railway track, but not for station petroleum pump .

Below, in response stated that the applicant has so far not bring a completed application, so that the same will be concluded with the completion of the necessary documentation.

Since the fall that no permit, but that are awaiting completion of the necessary documentation.

Regarding the questions that we have raised the Directorate of Inspection of them were:

1. Inspection Why does the Company ceased operations in highway HIB Petrol string?
2. Why is allowing these buildings to reach the current level, as the base and rise with strong material objects?
3. What has become of the building inspectorate throughout this time and currently?

Inspection Directorate have the responses:
Regarding your request that the Department of Inspection njfoton construction of the facility by “HibPetrol” on the road string, we have taken all the measures that the facility without permission, (I repeat I without permission) not built. We as a body in the first instance during the inspection it was determined by inspection of the facility built without construction permits you ceased work.

Evidence decision to cease working No.08-355-15673, dated 02.07.2014 
investor has ignored the decision for termination, additional measures are taken. It is surrounded by the official ribbon object and demolition decision was issued. 
Evidence: The decision to demolish the facility no. 08-355-2197 dated 21.02.2014. 
As the judgment entered in the demolition phase becomes final was given extra time to legalize facility, otherwise action will be taken for the demolition of the facility.

So, as seen Directorate is aware that the facility is being built without permission and says this. It also took two decisions are not respected by the investor HIB petroleum. So the word is is for two decisions of February, then the 7 February and 21 February, and entered përkudër decision becomes final phase of execution has been granted extra time for legalization.

So, the investor does not permit Hib Petrol, builds on land that has a completely different purpose, it respects none of the decisions of the municipal inspection, there is no space that is left of the road, and can not even build a bicycle path , has removed the ban straps works, sewage system extends the length of more than two kilometers without permission, on the road to expansion, which is public space, has ignored everything became unfair competition to local businesses for years working with permit the same activities. Now the question arises as to allow authentication can such a business?
But President Haziri, no time to deal with these, and even finds time to attend sessions of the Assembly and the Municipal Committee nor those of Policy and Finance or respond to questions from members of the Municipal Assembly. neither to attend all sessions of the Assembly, has not had time to even participate in a meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee, the four that were held so far, there is no time to listen to the Parliament and answer questions municipal councillors.



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