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Al Qaeda Terrorists Call Bosnian Women for Sex Jihad in Syria

An Al Qaeda terrorist is calling for Bosnian girls to travel to Syria ‘to get married’, which is really a calling to Syria for prostitutes for the terrorists, which is commonly called Sex Jihad.


Saudi Arabia gave a fatwa allowing ‘temporary marriages’ to the terrorists fighting in Syria. Scholars say the concept of “temporary marriage” (muta’a) – an agreement to be “married” for anywhere from an hour to a year – is a Shia one, shunned by Sunnis.

“Some Saudi men used legally contracted ‘temporary marriages’ in countries such as Egypt, India, Mauritania, Yemen, and Indonesia as a means by which to sexually exploit young girls and women overseas,” said the June 2012 report, which covered the previous year.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Former Mufti of Tunisia Sheikh Othman Battikh complained in April that 13 Tunisian girls were “fooled” into traveling to Syria to offer sexual intercourse to rebel fighters, in order to create an army strong enough to topple the regime.

The origins of these “temporary marriages” have been attributed to Saudi Arabian scholar Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi, Iranian channel Press TV reported in December last year.

Al-Arifi was claimed to have issued a fatwa permitting militants to engage in short-term marriages with Syrian women as young as 14 to “satisfy… their sexual desires and boost their determination in killing Syrians.”In Syria, it said, some Iraqi refugees were “placed into temporary ‘marriages’ to men for the sole purpose of prostitution.”

While these girls to to Syria innocently thinking they are going to get married to one man, who they may think would protect them from other men, this is not the case. The marriage is only a temporary one and the girls will be made to have sex with up to 100 men says the Huffington Post.  Once the girls get pregnant they are no use anymore and sent home, many with sexually transmitted diseases.

In many muslim countries the girls return in disgrace and their lives are ruined. Tunisia has banned women from travelling to to Syria for sexual jihad, so the supply of women is running out, so now they are recruiting girls in the Balkans.

While he did not put a figure on the number of women allegedly partaking, Bin Jeddou claimed 6,000 Tunisians had been banned from travelling to Syria since March, and that 86 individuals had been arrested on suspicion of forming “networks” to send them there, Al Arabiya reports.

Bosnia is the start, who knows when it will spread to Kosovo and Albania.





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