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Names of those arrested for misuse of property in PAK

by Eunice Veliu

The newspaper “Zeri” its reliable sources has learned the names of suspected abuses in Kosovo Privatisation Agency where today’s action by the Economic Crimes Unit of the Kosovo Police found some of them already in the hands of the police.

timthumb (3)The list of suspects is Shkëlzen Luke, former director of the KPA, LDK MP Naser Osmani, former member of the Board of PAK.

Avdiu Naim, former deputy director, Melita Ymeraga, Head of Monitoring Unit in the NPA, Adrian Kelmendi, Acting Head of the Office of monitoring, Neha Islam, former monitoring officer at KPA, Kreshnik Lleshi, former monitoring officer at KPA

Kamberaj Agron, former head of the monitoring unit in PAK

Likewise, the other suspects are also Bahri Shabani former AKP member t.

The list of suspects also added three internationals who have diplomatic immunity. They are Lisa Brodey, Hubert Warsmann and Mohammad Omran.

Meanwhile, arrests are expected to occur in the municipality of Podujevo, where suspects are Sahit Tahir, Ismet Aslan, Halit and Shefki Ilaz Maliqi.

11 arrested for misuse of property

Economic Crimes Unit of the Kosovo Police today at 6am has launched a major share of raids dealing with major abuses in Kosovo Privatization Agency which has so far arrested 11 persons.

Reliable sources of the newspaper “Zeri” informed that so far have raided the home of several top officials of the AKP, but also a former board member with the initials B.Sh Agency, which is the same after raids arrested by the police.

The same sources suggest that so far it comes to arresting 11 people among them officers and former officers of the KPA, but officials Cadastre businessman with initials AD

Also, unless this is arrested in connection with this.

The same sources also suggest that the target of the arrest has also been a member of the Assembly, but the same moment he managed to avoid arrest. NO is known by the initials MP and is currently looking to police.

Raids and arrests are taking place in Podujeve present. Currently the economic crimes unit is searched Cadastre of this city.

The police action is continuing in these moments. The newspaper “The Voice” will continuously inform you about courses of action. / Zeri /



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