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KEDS Workers Threaten to Strike

Hundreds KEDS workers protested outside the offices of the enterprise seeking wage increases and some other requirements. Say that this will continue in the following days, the moon will announce strike if the demands were not met. KEDS warns that can take action if they do not respect the law.


President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Elektro, Fehmi Pajaziti, said that the protest was organized by the inability to reach a solution in any other form, and added that it will continue.

After one hour protest, peaceful protesters are distributed until the KEDS warned, that will just wait until next week, in order to take measures to meet their requirements.

“I would expect, will give space dialogue for dialogue have been, still are, remain open and hope not to come to it, but if you come to it, will give timeframe from one week to Monday and will be based on the law on strikes because we know that the law is the law on strikes special that has come out of other laws and will rely on point to point without stand by it, “he said.

Pajaziti has called KEDS management to reach an agreement through dialogue and not force them, as he said, to block this corporation.

“Let him know that the socio-economic situation of workers KEDS, now privatized company arrived at that level or go up wages or up to what the worst so do not come up to it, do not allow space , sit down and have a dialogue with our request and do not come up to it blocking or total labor strikes in KEDS. I had no desire and I believe after that we had no rams as the legitimate representative of your goats that had not come up to it blocking the entrance ie on strike but if you go with the tune Who let our rulers and management estimates that our us apart privaizu or have alienated us that would be bad for the consumer but also the employee but will be later then when will intervene, “he said.

Meanwhile, in addition to the wage increases, workers KEDS require the formation of a committee to draft collective agreement, the payment of overtime for all workers, working holiday pay and overtime, etc..

However, spokesman KEDS, Guri Shkodra, contacted by telephone from FED-i, said the average salary of workers KEDS is over 500 euros while adding that the company will adhere to this law only corporation.

Spoiled did not want to talk more about the protest and demands of the workers on the grounds that these positions were made known two days ago through press releases.

Source in Albanian



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