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Twitter Blocks Two Accounts in Turkey

Network Twitter has blocked two accounts in Turkey, which have spread accounts of corruption charges against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan  and his associates.

timthumbThis action network Twitter has come as a result of meetings that were held last week between representatives of the Turkish government and the leaders of the social network Twitter.

Twitter network based in San Francisco, has indicated that it has taken this step, based on the court order.

Two blocked accounts and Haramzadeler333 @ @ Bascalan, had issued large amounts of confidential documents and telephone intercepts which included Prime Minister Erdogan, his family and his associates, in corruption scandals.

Following the publication of these documents, Edogan has closed social network Twitter and YouTube. These networks are blocked just before the municipal elections throughout Turkey.

In early April, the halt to the Twitter network is removed after the Constitutional Court had ruled that such a thing, violating freedom of network shprehjes.Kufizimet to YouTube in Turkey, remain. / Rel /




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