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Jihadists Drenica, the Duke student

Municipality of Skenderaj is the growing number of young people by the day that I will rush into war in Syria. They do not “break the head” to laws enacted by the Government of Kosovo, which condemns to 15 years anyone who goes to fight abroad.

Even those who have once taken the road to Syria after being returned to Kosovo could not stay in their country but have returned there.

Suspected of dozens of young people from the municipality who have taken the road to Syria. Islamic Community of Kosovo branch in the municipality is concerned with this phenomenon. But the commander of Police Station in Skenderaj, lieutenant Durmishi Basri, said the police official data only for five citizens of Skenderaj fighting in Syria, but he said that number could be three times larger.

“This number may be even more,” said Lieutenant Durmishi. Citizens of Skenderaj have an address and person to accuse of spreading this ideology. They say that everything had started in Drenica, with the advent of the Imam from Albania known Gjemajl (Kastriot) Duke, in the village of Mary after the 1999 war.

He with the help of foreign donations had built the mosque outside the jurisdiction of the Kosovo Islamic Community (KIC) standing for many years, offering religious instruction mainly orphaned children of this village.

Ten days ago by the municipality, Valon Musliuu killed in Fallujah Iraq.

From the Office of Civil Likofc, learned that Valon Musliu had changed its name from Al Salajdin Valon in Eyup

ICK: “Police are not acting”

President of the Islamic Community in Skenderaj, Mullah Nexhmi Maksuti, has suggested that institutions deal with the issue, as phenomenon and phenomenon that has taken worrying proportions. “The police have more guilt, they investigate cases, even know who they are by name and surname, the highlights, but does not act on,” said the imam.

According to him, the police have come to the Islamic community, for example, and say that these people are involved in the fight and Syria. “Perhaps there is also an employee of mine who is in any way implicated in these affairs, I do not know,” says Mullah Maksuti.

He reiterated that those people do not have to do with the Islamic community. “This son of Tushile (Valon Musliu), was an imam, has completed a madrasa, but has never come to the mosque. He has us do not reckon us, we considered ignorant. Even when I heard he was killed, wonders, because I think that it is still here, and I had seen in Skenderaj, “said Maksuti.

The imam urged Albanians not to go to Syria to fight. “If I had to limit Syria, perhaps the war imposed on us, but we have many states in between. In addition, there becomes fratricidal war. We have appealed to not go there to fight, “said the” Voice “Maksuti. He has shown that in meetings with imams were suggested to be careful with the Jamaa’ah.

“They can talk about the war in Syria, but dare not encourage Albanians to go there to fight,” says Maksuti. According to him, some of the blame to encourage people to go there to fight the media have. “The media are advertisers each case, those killed in the Syrian war.

Suppose, for what reason so much written about the murder of the son of Tushilës. As I read newspapers when they see on television, many people are coming through the saw Kosovo, and in this way they are given publicity and then people are encouraged, “says the chairman of ICK in Skenderaj.

Duke consequences of lectures

In 2010, Ajnishahe Halimi, an activist from the town of Skenderaj, organized a petition against the Imam Kastriot Duke. Halimi’s petition received thousands of signatures and the support of local politicians. Many signers of the petition were concerned by the actions of the Imam, which although were not illegal.

Islamic Community of Kosovo also had joined the initiative to leave the village imam Mary.

Maritime Village is one of the poorest areas in Kosovo, where after the war in 1999 has a large number of orphans.
work on Mary Duke funded by a British charity Islamic “Rahma Mercy”. Its representative, Khalil Patel has announced a BIRN research his organization has provided humanitarian aid to villagers since the war in 1999.

He according to the survey stated that they were offering hijab girls who are studying the faith, but were not required to wear them outside the mosque. “We created a wonderful environment there. We gave uniforms boys and girls coverings, “said long ago the leader of this organization in an interview for BIRN.




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