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Proof that KEDS are Stealing from Customers


What is happening with the KEDS electricity bills, when the March bills are more expensive than February when less electricity is being used. There are several cases of this being the case. When 2 weeks of electricity in March costs more than 4 weeks of electricity in February.

Case number one: After two weeks of using the heating only at night on the so called cheap tariff, I went away for two weeks. To make sure that nobody was stealing the electricity and that nobody could use it while I was away, I took out all the fuses so that no electricity was being used at all, with dial stopped. Expecting a cheap bill when I returned, I was shocked to find out that the bill was even more expensive than in February. A complaint was made.

Case number two: Also went away for two weeks and came back to a bill which is over 150 euros and more expensive for the one for February.

Case number three: Was only in the apartment for 2 days of the whole month and had a bill of over 170 euros.

Now we have Hashim Thaci declaring he is going to give all the KEDS employees a pay rise. Stealing from the customers to pay for the increase in wages. This is what Thaci says:

During my government, KEK has increased electricity production records and simultaneously reducing technical losses. So I asked to be rewarded with KEK 5,000 workers equal salary increase of 120 euros for each of them. Now they have begun to receive increased salaries. Congratulations! HTH

It seems like Thaci is going around the country buying votes with money that does not belong to him. Below is the actual graph of electricity production.


Now in light of Thaci promising pay rises, the KEDS staff are now going on strike. Nobody denies that the workers are under paid, but the reason they and the rest of the working population in Kosovo are on the lowest wages in Europe is because the corrupt politicians are milking all the funds that enter the country.

Today KEDS workers demonstrated in seven municipalities across Kosovo, demanding higher wages and better working conditions. Chairman of the Union Fehmi Pajaziti said that they have no choice as the company will not listen to their demands. The protests will continue tomorrow and maybe until the demands are met.

Recently Limak the owners of KEDS and the airport laid of over 20 workers and replaced them with new employees with new contracts on a lower wage. Limak did this immediately after the 3 year contract, of not being able to fire any of the staff was up. Limak probably have plans to do the same with KEDS.





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