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LDK – Nepotism, Corruption and now Bribery

LDK and son Mustafa tend to buy a PS member



A 18-year member of the PS, to pass on LDK by senior officials of the party, including Arben Mustafa, son of the president of the party, Isa Mustafa, are promising tenders for parents, scholarships for family members, registration The university, mentioning job, the promised support LDK and threatened with violence if talks agree.

Indeksonline has secured a recording (voice and face) which is distinguished advisor Ismet Beqiri Rescue Hazir and son LDK mayor Isa Mustafa, Arben have made many offers a PS member Azzam Egzon, to convince the pass inside.

During a meeting characterized Rescue Hazir that gives 20 euro member PS.

By promising support for Azem, Arben Mustafa, also speaks against the chairman of the Youth Forum of LDK, Ibrahim Armend which is known as Mustafa close.

Arben Mustafa heard explaining that he publicly declared that works for LDK, but says that in fact is the second man of the party.

The insistence of these officials can see that this is done in several meetings with Azem, including the chairman of the parliamentary group Ismet Beqiri. The first meeting had taken place on 16 November this year.

Because of the election campaign for the runoff to be held on December 1, Indeksonline will not publish any recordings that possesses but this will do in a short future.

Indeksonline contacted by one of the protagonists of this video, Rescue Haziri who denied things that are clearly seen in the video.

Look in the phone conversation:

Indeksonline: Hazir Sir, you clearly do you see in the video that are delivered by turning a person 20 euros, as a comment? Rescue Hazir: No absolutely not true.

Indeksonine: We have that video? Rescue Hazir : If it is true, I take criminal responsibility.

As with all our editorial insistence to get an opinion from the son of the head of the LDK, Arben Mustafa, the latter has not found the time to respond.




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