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Serbian company, access to server ATK

(Complete) Serbian company headquartered in Belgrade “Soft ABIS” has the ability to completely control the flow of Kosovar taxpayers. This opportunity has provided Kosovar company which deals with selling of fiscal devices “GEKOS”, since the latter has contracted Serbian company to work for fiscalistion software and program for Kosovo market.

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In addition, “ABIS Soft” also makes software maintenance and program in the event of any defect, which allows information to be renewable.

Company “ABIS SOFT” owner Slobodan Stanisic, except Kosovo has participated in the development of special equipment required and many fiscal and markets software for Serbia, Republika Srpska, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Besides software “ABIS Soft” is contracted from “GEKOS” to work for the Kosovo market PGM program of fiscal devices (printers and cash registers), scales and other equipment.

PGM is a program that enables easy operation with fiscal devices, scales and other equipment to manage the sale.

With the help of this program it is possible to prepare equipment for operation.Everything had to be done with the help of complicated instructions for use of equipment now ends PGM program.

PGM supports working with equipment under the laws of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska, FBiH and Kosovo.

Soft ABIS, blocks website for Kosovars

Abissoft.rs is the website of the company which is contracted by “GEKOS”.

But this company was careful to block access to their site from the state of Kosovo, and from other countries, the web page is accessible.

On their website it confirms that the company has worked and provided software program and PGM KS – FP 550 SC. “PGM supports working with equipment under the laws of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo,” said the website of the Serbian company ABIS Soft headquartered in Belgrade.

Soft ABIS which is led by Slobodan Stanisic, was established in 2007, as part of an international chain of software companies.

This company main business is offering different businesses through the development of a broad portfolio of software, including drivers for fiscal accessories. As part of the ACS Group, ABIS Soft also provides consulting services and implementation of complete solutions for all business activities mentioned above.

ATK-indeed, informed konfidenciale 

Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK), which collects and collects money from taxpayers, has stated that the selection was made by the committee appointed by the Minister of Finance of fiscal cash for the project. Press office of this administration has not provided more information about the company ABIS Soft, referring to the law that defines the confidentiality of information.

“According to Law No. 03/L-222 – Tax Administration and Procedures, namely Article 84 that establishes the confidentiality of tax information, such information is considered confidential, unless the applicable paragraph 3 of the same Article, the taxpayer may release any person from the obligation of confidentiality “, has been the response from the Tax Administration. Also according to ATK, such relief must be in writing and may be limited to providing certain information or to use for a particular purpose. Under this institution all the criteria for licensed operators fiscal cash for the project are defined in Article 21-Equipment Fiscal Administrative Instruction No.. 15/2010.

“GEKOS”: We got souftuera from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece

Company manager “GEKOS” Faith Gjikolli, said that the company he manages these products purchased from neighboring states, denying that they received from Serbia.Gjikolli even said that these products that they have brought are authorized certified laboratory at the University of Prishtina and then installed in fiscal device for use at the customer last.

Gjikolli also said that “GEKOS” has spent millions in operating costs that have impacted the cash prize that is high in Kosovo.

He said that businesses are obliged fiskalizuara of fiscal systems and equipment on a daily basis to generate Z-report (closing day) where the financial records for daily sales stored in the fiscal memory of these devices. “On a regular basis and as prescribed by legislation, fiscal devices transmitting financial data servers ATK performed daily or monthly depending on which group they belong to business,” concluded Gjikolli.

Risk for deleting data

Members of the Assembly have expressed great concern because it can be manipulated data Kosovar businessmen, the Serbian company.

First Deputy Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee in the Assembly, Naser Osmani said that “Gekosi” even when the market has got to offer fiscal coffers has been much speculation on the issue of monopoly. “The concern is that extremely large ‘Gekos’ received by the company from Belgrade software and is very big concern for data manipulation Kosovar businessmen,” added Osman. According to him, the concern is that there may be interference to delete such data. But Hykmete Eid, a member of the committee, said the monopoly of the market outlook upon checkout this company has been recognized.

“Gekos has made its position of monopoly triple fiscal cash prices,” explained Eid. But according to her, is the responsibility of the Government of Kosovo to take care of business data. “It shows once again the uncertainty in Kosovo environment for business and business. We ask the government to stall the software supply from abroad, that have the capacity to create and maintain these software. There’s software that maintenance only paid 250 thousand euros “.




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