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The new governance model – new development for Prishtina.


Mayor of Prishtina, Ahmeti also, along with the governing team, presented the report of the working day 100 days of the government in Prishtina. Work during the first 100 days of government, which shows the way to start a new government, and what path it will follow in four years mandate.

During these 100 days , we have installed a new model of governance for all Republic of Kosovo. This new mentality otherwise treats public office, public money and access to the citizen.

For us , service means governance . We are a servant to the citizens we serve the public interest . We are here to preserve the interests of the municipality and to increase the value of the Municipality.

We have developed thousands of meetings with citizens across all departments are responding to all requests of citizens, even though we had over 75 thousand such, who have sought services from the municipality.

Many citizens are thanking us, because of equal treatment are making it now the Municipality of Prishtina . Mayor and Directors Chairman and directors are all citizens of Prishtina . And this equality, except that we have observed in meetings with each of them without distinction , is seen in the way of employment.

Access to public office and public money , is completely different in these 100 days . The municipality belongs to us all of us . We make all decisions transparent, will make transparent all budget reports. The budget is the citizens of Prishtina , and belongs to them, therefore we have a duty to manage, preserve, and distribute it fairly and equitably.

Meetings have asked businesses individually, to discuss certain tenders, we have not held. There is no need for such meetings. Those who want to work towards and better, have the champion Municipality.  Those who want to work evil enemy have larger municipality . Whenever there is a tender , or will be visiting all interested businesses at once and will discuss the tender, or would not meet any.

In this 100 days is install law and order in the municipality of Prishtina . In the beginning we said that ” could not stop the illegal constructions ” , now we are told that ” you have stopped many illegal constructions ” . Prishtina will not install this fix without law and order.

In this way , we build and strengthen the institution , and so will also strengthen institutional relations . Do not hesitate to write to any public official , in every public institution , from any subject that is increasingly in the interest of protecting the citizens of Pristina, strengthening institutional communication , informal meetings and not behind the scenes. So is the case with cases submitted to the prosecutor, all of which have been public , where public pressure is raised on the prosecution to act quickly.
For these 100 days have set sound foundations. But, this is not complacency , because there is room for improvement.
We will keep the pace high and will add dynamics, engaging even more, for different projects that improve the lives of the citizens of Prishtina.

On this occasion, we thank the media and civil society, to monitor daily, daily questions, to constant pressure, thus helping us in finding numerous defects and problems of the city, where our response has been more rapid improvement.
In the link below you can find the full report of the first 100 days of the new government in Prishtina Municipality, including:
the water issue; radical transparency; combating corrupt behavior; prohibition of interception and nonconformity; urban planning; luxury removal from municipal government ; infrastructure ; involvement in decision making; quality improvement in health services ; establishment of social welfare ; Pristina of all citizens ; Municipalities in the service of citizens ; The new dynamics of cooperation; as well as easy access and equal public cultural activities.

file :/ / / C :/ Users/CC/Downloads/100-dite-qeverisje-e-re.pdf

Prishtina Municipality
Office of Public Relations



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