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Macedonia set to Imprison Jihadists Who Fight in Syria

A large number of Macedonian citizens of Muslim faith are part of armed groups in Syria, who are fighting against the regime of Bashar Al Assad.

@ Printscreen of a Turkish newspaper

So far there are four young people from Macedonia who have lost their lives as members of the armed insurgent groups, and is also suspected of other victims.

But the killing of three Turkish police officers in South Anatolia in Turkey where the perpetrators of the attack are jihadists from Macedonia and Kosovo, has turned this issue into the spotlight in Macedonia.

Zekiri Muhammad, 18 years from Ohrid and Immer Bunjamin Gërçec Skopje village are two authors of the assassination attack with Kosovo citizen, Çëndrim Ramadan.

Who are the two jihadists from Macedonia

Zekiri Muhammad is 18 years old from Ohrid, which states that the age of the infant had gone to Tirana to study theology at the Islamic School of Tirana. Albinfo.ch teaches that it is the boy’s family Zekiri, which years ago had moved from village to live Tatesh in Ohrid.

From Ohrid Mufti point out that not knowing much about Mohammed, because students who go to study in Tirana Medresenë do so privately and without any interference or recording made by religious institutions in Macedonia.

His family is locked in their house and there is no movement.

But his neighbors in Ohrid state that does not recognize it, because that small age is away from home.

The Ministry of Interior has spoken two Macedonian citizens, noting that they are little known in the evidence of MIA.

MIA spokesman Ivo Kotevski said the 18-year-old MZ Albinfo according to information from the age of 16 went to Syria and that has been part of jihadist groups.

“We have made the verification of data and all information suspect` s Turkish authorities have sent for further investigation, “said Kotevski, noting that they are in contact with the Turkish authorities.

Muhammad Zekiri born in 1995, had traveled several times to Syria, while the first time was in 2011 and stayed there more than a year. He also traveled frequently to the destination Ohrid – Tirana and this was evidenced by the MIA.

But MUP other details about the case of the second author of the assassination, ISENI guest, which Turkish and European media was identified as Benjamin Hu, of Chinese origin.

But what is the truth of Benjamin Iseni or acquaintances as Benjamin Hu. According to information entrusted to Albinfo.ch, it comes to 18-year-old Benjamin ISENI Gërçec Skopje village, with German citizenship, Nimetulla son of Immer, who was killed last year in fighting in Syria support the jihadist forces against the regime of Bashar al – Assad.

Benjamin uses the surname Hu, since his mother is of Chinese origin, but with Muslim religious affiliation. This family was living in Berlin. He who by age 16 was in Syria and was included among jihadist groups from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, who worked and operated in the Turkish border – Syrian. Benjamin became known to the public last year, when the information appeared to have been with his father when he was killed and received injuries in the attack.

Zekiri and ISENI, two young jihadis were more radical group member ‘Jabha al Nusrat’, which is associated with the terrorist network “Al Qaeda”.

But as their organization operates to Syria

A source from religious groups in Skopje said that groups such Albinfo.ch to go to war in Syria are mainly from the Wahhabi sect.

“They are very organized and Skopje travel through Turkey and from there in the associations of these sects go in Syria. Macedonian fighters lined up in the ranks of the two rebel groups Al Rahat and Isil, factions that are suspected of links to al – Qaeda and who are already challenged by the largest group of rebellious Jabal al – Alliance Zawaiya that is democratically oriented and that has international support.There is more information out there that are taking place between the rebel groups fighting with the rebels targeting are two organizations linked to al – Qaeda. So far there are reports of four deaths from Macedonia, but doubts are to a greater number, “said the Albinfo.ch, a member of the Islamic community who wishes to remain anonymous.

Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia (ICM) does not comment on such a case again turned the spotlight Salafi groups in Macedonia. “I do not deal with such cases and not for us to comment, while leaving judgment` s other responsible institutions that deal with investigations, “said the Albinfo.ch, IAM spokesman, Abbas Islam.

But he reiterated the message of the President of ICM, Sulejman Rexhepi, who a few weeks ago has urged citizens of the Islamic faith from Macedonia not to go to fight in Syria.

“The phenomenon of Macedonian citizens participation in the war in Syria can not be controlled, because the journey is up to the individual country, not through any institution,” emphasized the President of the Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia, Sulejman Rexhepi.

According to him, there is little doubt that involving volunteers fighters go from Macedonia.

“It is said that showing their solidarity with the Syrian people who will be released by an unprecedented dictatorship that is being implemented in Syria, but it is likely that there are suspicious in this work. Are there different motive or interest, it is another job, one can assume, however we are not sure because we have not arguments or facts, “said Rexhepi.

The issue of volunteers in Syria has become part of the political debate.

Part of a political party coalition government in Skopje has proposed to apply legal reprisal for citizens to fight in various conflicts abroad, most recently as part of the fighters in Syria.

This initiative was made by MP and chairman of the Democratic League of Macedonia (LDM) Trajanov, who asked that through the Criminal Code apply punitive measures for all participants in foreign wars. According to him, such an initiative is done in Bosnia – Herzegovina, Serbia and is expected to be applied in Kosovo.

State authorities have not released figures on how much assessments and Macedonian citizens are involved in fighting in Syria.

Expected punitive measures provide sanctions to imprisonment from 1 to 5 years.

In Turkey recently realized an arrest operation and that doubts are to involve the Turkish humanitarian organization IHH, which allegedly Albanians are sent to war in Syria. However, this organization never commented on the allegations.

According to unofficial information on 100 people from Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia to participate in the war in Syria.

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