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War Crimes

Tribunal that brought Thaci Government

by   Besa Shahin for Jeta ne Kosove

At a time when the Hague Tribunal closed its mandate because it is believed that the Balkan countries could pursue war crimes by local institutions, to launch a new Kosovo. So, yes, the Tribunal would necessarily undermine the image of Kosovo and let it be added to the list of government arrituarve Thaci in Kosovo.

There is a month to plan for a new EULEX being discussed in Brussels. By another name, with fewer people, with more tempered executive and advisory powers enhanced. In late January 2014, Ms office. Ashton has drafted a document: “Strategic Review EULEX” that was sent to EU member states for consideration and vote. The current mandate of EULEX expires in June 2014.

Most dramatic change is suggested to Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo (SPRK) that now governed by international prosecutors. Submission of the prosecutor decides to charge a Kosovar and prevents the initiation of new investigations by international prosecutors, without the requirement of local authorities, starting from July 2014.

The proposal also affects judicial panels for serious crime cases that have so far been composed of international judges, and since July 2014, will consist of panels with Kosovar judges, and an international court (except where required by most international prosecution / The lo / random).

The first justification document for the proposed change is that “strengthening national capacities are” sufficient. Reasoning that the supplement immediately kontradiktohet document – “Assessment of Progress Achieved” – stating that “the judiciary and public prosecution in Kosovo remain weak” and “political pressure and interference in the judicial system remains high.”

The same negative assessment gives Progress Report (October 2013). It reads in Kosovo “lacks capacity and commitment to investigate crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the Special Prosecution” (p. 11), “remains very worrying political interference in the work of the judiciary” (p. 11), ” Insurance needs of court personnel, witnesses and the accused must be addressed “(p 12). “Intimidation of witnesses remains of great concern.” (P.50)

It is clear that the EU does not think that local capacities are strengthened mjafteshëm to be left over cases of serious crime. Why this review EULEX?

The second reasoning solves the mystery: “Local authorities have become more insistent on EULEX’it transition to local authority.”

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