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Albanian ex-commandos Involved in sending Albanians in Syria

Arthur Balla, known religious Omer, is the brother of Edmond Balla, one of the suspects for recruiting and sending militant Muslim believers for jihad in Syria. In the prosecution’s file, Balla said that Arthur was a former commando in Zall-Herr box.


He is one of Muslim believers by the prosecution went to Syria and back again in our country. In the folder are not provided further clarification regarding this person, if it was part of the fighting and on behalf of whom fought.

Balla Arthur is not the only former commando who has ‘visited’ Syria. In the prosecution’s file, specify that Diamond Rasha, known as Abu Amar religious, killed in Syria in December 2013, has been earlier in the commando unit of Zall-Herr.

Three years ago, precisely in 2011, he had begun to practice the Islamic faith and attended New Ring mosque, run by self-proclaimed imam Genc (Abdurahman) Balla, who is behind bars as the “brain” of recruiting believers , who allegedly fought in Syria on behalf of the terrorist organization, Al-Nusrat.

Another casualty in the war in Syria, suspected to be Alinj Erion, from Pogradec. As cited in the prosecution’s file, even Alinj Erion is a former commando unit Zall Herr. returnees Arthur Balla (religious name Omar), is back from Syria on February 5, 2014. According to the prosecution, he has been in Zall-Herr ishkomando. Perlik Leonard, a former commando in Zall-Herr is another believer, who is suspected to be joining the fighting in Syria and is back in our country. Suparaku Edmond, who is known as Abu religious Becker, determined not to file prosecution, if there ever was commando, but noted that there were in Syria and returned.

Some of the people who have been in Syria and returned, according to the prosecution that there have been part of the fighting on behalf of the terrorist organization Al Nusrat, were asked by investigators within the investigation started, for a group whose parts are three Imams the self, the New Ring mosques, and Leshnicës Mzezit who allegedly recruiting and sending believers to fight in Syria.

Most of them have not accepted that fought in Syria, while others have stated that they had gone to Turkey for education or employment.According to the prosecution, in Syria are sending 50 believers who have become part of the fighting, while the number rises to nearly 90 after traveling with them to the country gripped by war, the children of their wives.

According to a report by the National Intelligence Service, in Syria are at least 31 Albanian children, who are there or mothers, as fathers were killed in the fighting, or fathers, because there are cases that have only traveled with them to Syria. SIS reports that Syria killed six Albanian Muslim believers. Victims are Maliqaj Henry, Dennis Jangulli, Diamond Rasha, Ermal Tzelios Hasan and Hamid Korvafaj Mus. While 12 others were injured.

4 EX-SYRIA Commando
Diamond Rasha, Abu Amar religious name – killed in Syria in December 2013, former commando in Zall-Herr.
Erion Alinj – killed in Syria, the former commando in Zall-Herr.
Artur Balla (Religious name Omer ) – returned from Syria on Feb. 5, 2014, former commando in Zall-Herr.
Leonard Perlik – returned from Syria, in Zall-Herr ishkomando.
Edmond Suparaku, Abu religious name beaker – returned from Syria (if it has not been determined Commando ). (ma / Albanian newspaper / AOL) 

Source in Albanian



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