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Delegation From Zagreb visit Prishtina to Discuss a Range of Issues and Common Problems

Pristine & Zagreb – job assistance : Water , Waste , Planning , neighborhoods , infrastructure , health , movies and football

Thursday , March 20 , Pristina Municipality hosted a visit by a delegation from the Municipality of Zagreb . In the first part of the day , the directors of the Municipality of Prishtina respective directors met with the Municipality of Zagreb , where they discussed a range of issues of common problems faced earlier Municipality of Zagreb , the problems currently faced by the Municipality Pristina , as well as the best methods for solving those problems .
After separate discussions , the Municipality of Pristina and Zagreb’s cooperation forum held Pristina – Zagreb 2014.
The joint meeting was held in the hall of the Municipality of Pristina , where principals from both municipalities , also attended business representatives from both countries , as well as ambassadors .
At this meeting were presented items that were previously discussed in the field of water management Pristina and waste management , urban planning , infrastructure and research and development plans for our municipality , organization structure of local public companies in Pristina , management of urban public health and economic cooperation between both countries .
Items for which it was agreed that cooperation would concretely and immediately are as follows :
The first issue and priority : Water supply and waste management
1 . Dynamic collaboration network and research hub of alternative sources
2 . Cooperation in order to reach the quality and efficiency in waste management , sharing and categorizing them . So paper , plastic , glass .
3 . Building a solid waste landfill and organize a network of waste containers .
4 . Harmonization of regulations and procedures for the use of water and waste under European directives respectively Aquis Communautaire regarding waste .
5 . Coordination and cooperation for the preparation of a functional model for public services Pristina .
The second issue , and more important : urban planning , infrastructure , research and development plans.
Spatial Plan and cooperation in scanning and analyzing factual situation in Pristina .
1 . Croatian Geological Institute agreed to geological research in Arbëria
2 . Implementation of GIS database and GeoPortal
3 . The sophistication of urban planning methods
4 . Help in the process of legalization and ownership regarding these and urban planning
Close cooperation to advance in levels expected role of the Municipality of Prishtina in infrastructure projects and professional supervision during construction .
The third and important for all citizens of Pristina : Developing a suitable model of urban transport in Pristina .
1 . Planning internerareve
2 . Integrated ticketing system
3 . Reorganization of public spaces
4 . Information technology solutions for the needs of public transport
Were discussed and the advantages and disadvantages during the establishment of a holding company and its mode of operation in cases of local companies .
The fourth issue and vital to our municipality : planning public health
Help in cooperation methods for pharmaceutical companies
Draft Master Plan for Public Health
Zoning , referring to the model of Zagreb
Issue five : Economic cooperation between the two municipalities
Employment policies
Ways and means to stimulate local production , especially in support of subsidizing bank whose interest burden of loans .
Cooperation to promote export products through training in sales by brand and market entry through true fulfillment of standards ” ISO ” .
Support for start-ups in the Information Technology sector , support for innovation .
Struggling for the presence of foreign investments
1 . Agreement for joint agreements in the way of attracting investors . Having developed the necessary conditions to implement rule of law , procedure rapid and simplified licensing registration .
2 . Cooperation for common variants identified in projects combined public – private .
Cooperation in the field of tourism with emphasis on ” health tourism ” by developing a concrete action plan to turn into a Gërmia Park health center actually referring to the case and model ” Sljeme Tourist Center” in Zagreb .
The seventh question for which there is huge shortage in Pristina : Cooperation in the field of Culture
It was agreed to work on organizing joint cultural activities , especially during the organization of the Conference of the Southeast European Cultural Network , held in November 2014 in Zagreb . It was planned to present films from both countries and organizing joint exhibitions .
Organizing a conference in Kosovo same during 2015 , funded by the EU .
Help for the Municipality of Prishtina to become part of Eastern Europe’s cultural network .
Discussion to develop a friendly match between FC Prishtina and FC Dinamo – inviting prominent players of the two clubs over the years 1983-1984 .
March 14, 2014

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