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Albania Also has Fuel High in Sulphur.

– 2014-03-19 19:31:04


ARMO oil emanating from the sulfur percentage is several times higher than the rate provided by law. Fiks Fare investigative show brought evidence on the quality of the oil recovered from refinery ARMO Ballesh. The oil that comes from this refinery sulfur percentage was 28.44 ppm above the allowed, which is only 10 ppm, as required by law.

Proof of this are the results abusive violation of analysis of samples taken from ARMO committed in Kosovo, certified laboratory “Kosovo-Lab”. According to the analysts and engineers in this laboratory, this oil should not be thrown on the market, because it guarantees its quality and is extremely detrimental to the health and pollute the environment, media reports in Albania.

Upon arrival information on the editorial board of Fiks Fare, the oil refinery ARMO Ballesh is substandard and flagrant violation of the law in the quality assurance program and pursue investigative decided to publish this violation.

In the center of the investigation Fiks Fare set a tank truck loaded with oil refinery ARMO Ballesh.

Fiks Fare camera has followed all the time all the movements of the tank farm. After being assured that deposits of oil tank farm was empty, Fiks Fare has followed its supply to the refinery.

The route of the tank farm is fully documented through filming.Once arrived at the refinery, tank farm enters the supply point where filling is done with diesel fuel all its rooms. Another major clue is the fact that once the tank farm located at the refinery, being supplied, a specialist SGS’s output stands at the gate of the refinery, waiting to take samples of the fuel.

After being supplied with oil, tank farm gate output addresses and performs approximately 2 miles after road stop and specialist SGS performs sampling procedure that carries the oil tank truck. Once samples are taken, they are sealed and placed on respective sheets, a move that makes transparent and removes any doubt on the investigative work of the show Fiks Fare.

These are just samples, which will leave outside the Republic of Albania, to undergo checks and laboratory tests certified laboratory in Kosovo, which bears the name “Kosovo-Lab”. On arrival at the premises of the laboratory, samples of oil delivered to the specialists, who made known to the type of fuel analysis.

After a nearly two hours of waiting, Land Line journalists addressed the analysts, who already have the answers to tests. The answer is irrefutable, the results clearly show that oil should not be thrown into the market after the breach is high on the norms of the element sulfur, which turns out to be 38.44 ppm from 10 ppm provided by law.

To make a more complete overview and to highlight the apparent violation and carries the risk that the use of this oil, Fiks Fare program addresses air monitoring specialists at IPH.

After the question is how environmentally damaging the presence of sulfur in the fuel rates allowed specialist Agron Deliu expressed by saying that, “The most recent case of SO2 discharge combined with soot was in 1952 in London, where for two weeks death had 4 thousand more. Becomes even more dangerous when combined with other polluting agents, such as the air humidity etc.. “.

During his speech, Deliu once again draws attention to the risk of sulfur, noting that “the discharge of sulfur causes problems in people who suffer from heart disease and those who have breathing problems. This element causes these people to the death. ”

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