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More Illegal Construction

Inspection Directorate intervention in ” Upliana ”
Tuesday , March 18 , Directorate of Inspection Ulpiana intervened again in the same room where he had intervened on March 1 , because the party had broken the main ground floor slab of the building community, in order to access the bar in the basement .
All this work was the construction permit and without following any procedure on this issue by the party . Pristina Municipality inspectors had identified the case , had ordered the party to stop the construction , and since the decision was not respected , had bllombuar premise . On the same day , was asked by the party to submit to the Department of Inspection of all documents that property , until the day Monday, March 3, 2014 .
Since the party has not submitted any such document , not verified ownership of the basement so the Directorate of Inspection today began with the destruction of stairs and other works that are done without permits within that object .
We appeal to all of you not to make any investment in construction without permission, and to respect the decisions precision of the Inspection Department , because this director will take measures for each case separately .

Pristina Municipality
Office of Public Relations

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