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Thaci Meets Party Members in Prizren

PDK leader, Hashim Thaci, has today announced a day after meeting with branch structures of his party in Prizren.

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Although not officially said Thaci meeting in Prizren, comes just two days after Mayor Ramadan Muja and five former municipal directors of his (one of them by KAA, as coalition partner PDK) were found guilty of part of a EULEX judge in the District Court in Prizren.

Along with Muja, who was sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended, were declared guilty of five former directors of his last mandate. Among them is the Minir Krasniqi, former director of the Public Administration and current president of PDK branch, was sentenced to 1. 5 years in prison on the condition that for two years not to make another criminal offense.

By court decision, Muja will have to stop exercising public functions for 30 months.Although the legislation provides that the enforcement decision only upon his omnipotence, and this enables him to perform the function, the judicial decision has caused confusion in Prizren.

After the court ruling, opposition parties have called Prizren Muja president, to resign and that it opens the door to extraordinary elections. One thing has become LDK, Zafir Berisha’s Democratic Union Movement and Self-Determination.

Muja President has already denied resignation, claiming he is innocent, and has warned in appeal to higher instances of justice.

Reliable sources of “Voice” while reporting that the decision of the judiciary can be used by groups dissatisfied by the PDK, which have not been included in the newly formed executive, a week ago by the chairman of the Muja .

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