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Djukanovic met with massive protests by Albanians in the U.S.

Albanians living in America, including the large community of Albanian origin from Montenegro, have made calls for mass protests on the occasion of the official visit of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic in the United States.Reason for mass protests announcement is a violation of human rights and national who is making Montenegro against Albanians.


“Ethnic Albanians originating from the territory of Montenegro, united as never before, with work and activities in the United States, during the visit of Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic, public call for mass participation in the demonstrations in Washington DC, 19 March 2014.Demonstrations will be held before the U.S. Congress and the Embassy of Montenegro in Washington DC, “reads the notice of many Albanian associations that support the massive protest.

They are appealing to all Albanians from ethnic territories rally support and participate.

“We invite the entire community in the United States Albanian, Albanian-American Council, Pan society – Albanian,” Hearth “,” Albanian roots “, and all entities and associations originating from ethnic Albanian areas operating in the United States, to support the demonstration, in solidarity with our brothers and countrymen who live in Montenegro, “said the announcement.

These peaceful demonstrations aimed to raise its voice against the discriminatory policy of the Montenegrin authorities to our countrymen.

“It is time that the state of Montenegro says” STOP “dual policy against Albanians.’s Time to stop the integration of Montenegro in international institutions, to stop negotiations with the EU, as long as it does not improve relations the Albanian people in Montenegro.’s time that we indigenous Albanians of Montenegro, with the power of reason to seek disclosure of all rights under the Conventions democratic world “, completes the notification.

Calling for mass participation is made ​​of the following associations and organizations:
“Mountain Side” in New York, “Ded Gjon Luli” New York, Foundation “Dom Simon Filipaj” New York, Foundation “Plav -” New York, Fund Benefactors ” Highland “New York, patriotic society” Great Highland “Detroit.




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