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2 Young Kosovars Killed in Car Accident in Canada

Best friends, Albunit Hiseni and Flamur Miftari, who died together in a car accident on Thursday, had a common dream, to become police officers and is planning to go home.

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Two 21-year-olds, both from Kosovo, was expected to graduate in basic program officer at Niagara College, in April, said Hiseni sister, ATG.

They were going to school on the day of the accident.

“He wanted to be a cop. He was very smart, “says ATG, noting that her brother dreamed cared for parents and community protection.

“He said ‘I will be a good cop.'”

Hiseni and Miftari died when their car was hit by another car “pickup” during an accident which involved three cars on Regional Road 20, on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Hiseni’s sister had given birth to a girl. His mother had advised him not driving in the rain, but he had decided to go to meet his new niece. And now, they are very happy that came to see her, ATG shows.

“He said, ‘I’ll meet him. I can not wait to see ‘. Praise the Lord that came to see him, “says ATG, between tears.

“He had many plans. Had booked a ticket to go home, on June 16, “she adds.

The family has 15 years who are in Canada, and have decided that his burial place in Kosovo.

While Miftari was “one of the most beloved souls that ever existed and his departure has touched many lives,” says sister Miftari, Liridona Miftari for “The Spectator”.

“Miftari had planned to fly home, along with Hiseni after graduate,” said Liridona.

Miftari, who had two brothers and two sisters, “had high goal and commitment,” said his girlfriend, Stephanie Tomkin.

“He had planned to go to Ottawa next weekend, to apply for jobs in the police,” adds Tomkin.

After receiving the badge of the police, was Miftari vowed to rid the streets of Hamilton, citing in particular a case last weekend when there was a fight with knives on that part.

Miftari was also one of the most positive people she has known: every morning, he wrote on Twitter, “Arise and shine the world. No time to lose “.

Tomkin says Miftari went to her house and sending pizza. He also consoled her when she was ill, saying, “you, can always count on me, sister.”

“I still have not accepted this fact and do not know if they will ever do … was greeted with properly. But I did not know it would be the last with the greeting, “Tomkin said.

One other friend, Rina Husayn, says that if someone is feeling bored, Miftari walking up and dance to awaken the sleeping society.

Police say a car that was being driven by a 20-year-old Glanbrook had lost control as a result of roads covered with snow and ice.

Her car hit another car “pickup”, driven by a 57-year-old from Wainfleet. The vehicle then crossed to the other side and hit the car in which they were Hiseni and his friend, Miftari.

First female in the car was not injured at all. Meanwhile, 64-year-old passenger in the truck was 57-year-old, was in ill health. Also suffered injuries truck driver. / Illyria /

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