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Williamson: Tribunal without Kosovar Judges


Xharra Besiana

Attorney “bodies”, American Clint Williamson has indicated the Deputy Prime Minister, that tribunal to investigate allegations against former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) will consist mainly internationally, to be more objective and more equitable.He said that the issue of the tribunal should be completed by consensus within Pristina in order not to take up the issue at the United Nations Organisation. 



Prosecutor Williamson, better known as organ trafficking investigator on “Yellow House” accompanied by the Chief of Mission of EULEX, Bernd Borchardt, met the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs, Bajram Rexhepi. Scat who repeatedly declared against the tribunal, at the last meeting he did not oppose it, but asked that the investigation against former guerrilla not done abroad, but within Kosovo.


U.S. attorney visit, aimed topic on creating as soon as a tribunal with prosecutors and judges who will take over the investigation of war crimes in the period 1998-1999, as well as investigation of alleged political intimidation and murder witnesses during the 2000-2001 period.


The meeting between them was closed to the media, but it has learned “Voice” of its resources in meeting U.S. prosecutor insisted that the tribunal be made only by the international court, completely out of the local judicial mechanisms, in order to be impartial investigation.


“To unveil the truth of the allegations contained in the report of the Council of Europe on former KLA soldiers, it needs to have composed this international tribunal without the involvement of local judges. Must be impartial and independent international composition “, is said to have told U.S. prosecutor Minister Kuqi.


Kosovo Deputy themselves after this meeting, through a press release, said that the Government supports launching investigations against any possible crime that could happen, but rejected the idea that the suspects be investigated for these works abroad.


He said Kosovo executive is interested in justice assist and cooperate with international partners in the EU and the U.S., but always respecting the jurisdiction of Kosovo, but also by maintaining, as he said, the image of just war. According to him, Kosovo has established sufficient mechanisms in the field of justice to treat each case. “The institutions of justice have increased capacities essential both local and international judges, they EULEX, who can successfully address issues of justice and therefore urged that any eventual trial held in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo and under laws and jurisdiction of the Republic of Kosovo, “Kuqi was quoted as saying.


However, the idea that where is the seat of the Tribunal are amended, initially insisting that the seat has been in a state to be abroad. But recently, as reported a few days ago “The Voice”, is that this tribunal to have two rooms, one located in Kosovo and other international in another state.


House located in Kosovo is to investigate crimes, while abroad it deals with protected witnesses, that the latter said that Pristina agreed.


The second reason that the room be outside Kosovo that deals with witnesses is that the international community has always accused Kosovo that has failed in relation to the protection of witnesses.


However for this model, Kuqi spoke after meeting with Williamsonin. He simply said he has asked international institutions to partner with local and respected the sovereignty of Kosovo. “We wanted to recognize achievements in the field of justice and cooperation with EULEX, as well as the rights of each citizen, by international standards, as well as to preserve the image of our country,” said Kuqi.


As learned, “voice”, the purpose of the visit of U.S. prosecutor Williamson, was to convince not only locally, but also internationally, for the establishment of this tribunal, and not make the problem go to the issue of the UN.

Source in Albanian



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