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Tirana Arrests Recruiters of Jihadist to Fight in Syria

Tirana police has stepped up security measures at the premises of the Court of Serious Crimes, which is expected to be communicated to the security measures for persons arrested as organizers of recruiting and sending Jihadist to fight in Syria.

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Genc (Abdurahman) Balla, the self-proclaimed Imam of the Mosque of New Ring and Bujar HYSA, the self-proclaimed Imam Mosque Mëzezit, unauthorized by the Albanian Muslim Community, will be presented today at the Serious Crimes Court to become familiar with security measure.

Balla and HYSA considered by the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, as organizers of recruiting and sending in Syria Muslim believers for jihad in Syria.

Before the court will be presented and Edmond Balla, organizer, Zecir Immer, organizer, participant Verdi Morava, financing, Muslim Fadil (Dervish), assistant Astrit Tola, assistant, and Orion Reçi, who also played the role of facilitator, the so-called as terrorist cell suspected to have sent 50 jihadists to fight in Syria,  which included children.

It is believed that five of believers who were sent to fight in the composition of jihadist groups that are under sanctions by the United Nations, have died.

Call in “Facebook”: Protest against arrest Muslim brothers

Social network “Facebook” calls for protest against the arrest of the self-proclaimed imam Abdurrahim Balla. Unidentified persons have opened a page on “Facebook”, which states: “This site is opened in order to support our honored Hoxha was arrested in Tirana today by the state of false deities, Abdurrahim Balla, liroftë Allah.”

“With Allah’s permission that will please all our brothers from Kosovo and Albanians in Macedonia to develop protest against the arrest of brothers honored. Where can support only for the sake of Allah, to glorify Allah’s religion! The purpose of this was to our brothers, to be judged only by the law of Allah and for the right to arrest disbelievers. “- Written on” Facebook “.

The site has 2,248 followers, posted reactions include imams who are in support of the arrested persons.


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