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Greedy MPs Oppose the Decision to Increase Salaries of the Poor

Today’s session of the Assembly pass with replicas of objections in relation to the decision to increase salaries for civil servants and all other categories. 

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MPs opposed such a decision of Prime Minister and called illegal, because under their political officials have a dramatic increase in their basic salaries while the layers that are in need of that really need better conditions is not making a salary increase appropriately.

These criticisms Prime Minister responded by saying that explanations for this decision said that the decision of the Government is not a political party, which according to him, is implementable. According to Thaci, the decision would be feasible and would be granted.

“The Government’s aim has been to achieve the regional level and the goal is to achieve the standard European level”, said the Prime Minister.

Top executive said the decision has been planned to exceed any noise and election and is in the interest of all citizens. Thaci said that no political pressure that makes it reverse the decision. He noted that since the officials in the Assembly wish to withdraw from this wage increase, then the government can do such a thing.

Speaker Krasniqi said that the decision to increase wages is illegal and provides for changes in the budget law without consultation with the Assembly. According to him, the increase is not done right because someone has benefited most of those with smaller salaries less.

“Wages have risen unreasonably. Deepened differences between those with bad conditions and those fat salaries, “he said.

Deputy Education Bajrami caucus of the Democratic Party of Kosovo congratulating the government for salary increases said that this decision puts the state of Kosovo in equal competition with countries of the region
“Government has shown that really governs the benefit of citizens Kosovo. And, practically, has shown how a government keeps giving public speech, “said Eid, adding that this is not the only growth and for less than 6-7 years in Kosovo increased wages hundred percent, which s ‘occurred in any of the EU countries in the region or country.

Hykmete Eid MP, Parliamentary Group of the Democratic League of Kosovo said that this salary increase is the deepening of differences between categories in society.

“I have seen many good statistics in what way has become distribuomi of this growth.Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, because the current is outgoing, has increased the salaries of MPs for about 350 euros. First I want to say Prime Minister that he is not to increase the salaries of MPs. Has increased the salaries of ministers in the amount of 300 euros. And, the salaries of all pensioners and all other social categories have increased only 15 euros, “she said.
Bajrami said that this salary increase is occurring at the time of the campaign and the prime minister is sees as citizens and not as people vote .
“We are raising salaries, but this increase should be distributed so that the difference between the categories not widen,” she said, adding that the people of Kosovo on May 1 will see on what basis the prime minister has raised salaries for 25%.
According to her, it is “a lie, this is an attempt to steer and vote buying, and nothing in the act”. Eid also publicly stated that it does not accept the salary increase was made ​​even that.

MP Susan Novobërdaliu coalition for New Kosovo sought to exempt from wage growth and high officials of benefit categories that have low wages and who really need to increase the pagaës.

Beqiri, Head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic League of Kosovo, the Prime Minister called the decision as political marketing and that he had to ask members if they want to increase wages or not. Beqiri said that every one needs money, but according to him, there is no need to become political marketing are seeing that now in an election year.

Visar Ymer, head of the Parliamentary Group of Movement Self said that the decision is unlawful and since this is set to increase salaries why not make the minimum wage increase that affects the private sector.
Whereas Gjini, chief whip of the AAK, said that this decision had to thought when the budget is not approved and now that this campaign called prime.

“This is just the campaign and nothing more. Kosovo Prime Minister had to say that it has dropped to remember them and to increase salaries and assembly prezantouj not say that I have taken this decision. Are you fymje seems you always pay increases just before the election and you katëer years nxi life for citizens. If the cheat few days before the election and is now rjepin three or four years, “said Telling

In late Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said that it is easy to statements given free will, but according to him, is very difficult to get decisions made.
He said the decision was very well planned and studied and that in his opinion, the decision is carried out from April and citizens will have to increase wages.

In the regular session of the Assembly of Kosovo is being discussed raising salaries by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Eid Hikmete Democratic League of Kosovo, has welcomed the wage increase but said the increase was supposed to happen differently and not in the way that is done.

She said the Prime Minister has increased the salaries of MPs to 350 euros, has increased the salaries of pensioners from 15 euros and it is that wage growth has become prime minister, has increased the salaries of those who have full stomachs while others left with empty stomach.

Even Suzana Novëbërdaliu, deputies in the Assembly from among the New Kosovo Alliance, said that this increase reflects mostly on salaries of senior officials. She said she wants to change this decision and the decision to exclude senior officials of the decision, including the president, prime minister, ministers and MPs.

She said they need more other categories that senior officials.

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