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Six Years in Power with No Pay Rise. Election Year – Pay Rise. Surprise, Surprise!!! Six Years Too Late.

Salary increases for civil servants you 25%, 50% pensions miners

by Valmir Halimi

The Government of Kosovo has approved the decision to increase the salaries of all civil servants who receive salaries from the government budget. This category will be base salary increases of 25 per cent.  Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, during today’s meeting of the Government tell the details of who will benefit from this salary increase.


“Raising wages would include, therefore increasing the salaries of all public servants to receive salary from the budget of the Republic of Kosovo, the total number of beneficiaries is 80 thousand 475 public officers. As part of this growth will benefit teachers, s middle school teachers, university professors, academics, research institutes, officers, members of the KSF, KPC, guards, firefighters, police inspectors, foresters, civil servants, nurses, doctors, specialists, customs officers, tax inspectors, auditors The ZAPI, internal auditors, prosecutors, special prosecutors, judges, artists and other categories, “Thaci told.

But according Thaci are a total of 66 thousand 701 beneficiaries retiree who will be part of this decision.

“The growth of pension benefits for the category total number of beneficiaries is 66 thousand 701 beneficiaries. Within this growth will benefit people with disabilities, pensioners, pensions based on kontributdhënësve, pensioners KPC members, retirees Miner Trepca pensioners parakoshëm KPC, pensioners and disabled war veterans. So persons with disabilities 17 thousand 450 war invalids are 8780, 4065 Trepca miners pensioner, pensioners parakoshëm KPC 531, basic pensions of 35 thousand 638 kontributdhënësve pensions of members of the KSF 237, all these increases will be 25 percent, “Thaci told kryenimistri, who added that only pensioners will have Trepca exception.

“With the exception of pensions Trepca miners will be 50 percent,” he told.

The citizens of wage and pension beneficiaries, will be able to receive an increase of 25 respectively 50 percent of their salaries in April, which means the May salary they receive in April will receive an increase.

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