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“Limak” Brings Dozens of Workers from Turkey


Turkish company scandals “Limak”, which manages Pristina Airport “Adem Jashari” have not stopped. The Turkish company is aiming to turn everything into a mini-Turkish state.


In addition to those that have been reported so far that any instruction, notice is written in Turkish, now the company has brought on 50 workers from Turkey.

A reliable source of Blic , has shown that workers coming from Turkey have started work.

“The Turkish company Limak from when the airport management has taken in disregard any contractual obligation, or Labor Law and any rights of the workers. Besides family hires influential people, the company has brought on 50 workers from Turkey. These employees are engaged in key positions. Even chief airport parking have pruar from Turkey, “the source said.

According to him, the company Limak scandals not end there. Besides those that have been reported so far, the Airport abuses occur more different from workers. “Another Scandal is the pressure that is made by forcing workers to sign contracts with payroll deduction, and in some cases up to 50%”, said the newspaper Blic source.

Airport official media, Valentina Race, has declared not know precisely how many Turkish workers at the airport, but according to her, the company “Limak” has the right to employ 33% of the foreign worker staff.

“Tomorrow we will notify you regarding these questions correctly. Did not know how many foreign workers, but what I can say for sure is that the company” Limak “under contract with the government is entitled to employ up to 33% worker foreign “, told Blic Valenina Race.

Blic newspaper, next week will bring detailed facts of what is happening at the airport and how the government will respond to all these scandals that are happening there.

Meanwhile, the newspaper Blic reported Saturday scandal cleansing being done Airport management where already on the list to be fired has introduced 60 workers.

Source in Albanian


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