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Kosovo’s Turkish Airport Set To Slash 60 Kosovar Jobs


To celebrate the six month aniversary of the opening of the new terminal at Adem Jashari Airport, the Turkish owners Limak-Aéroports de Lyon are preparing to axe 60 Kosova jobs.


Ever since the Turkish company took over the airport, it has become a nightmare for locals and Internationals who want to fly to Europe. British Airways direct flights to London were always over booked, but the moment the Turks took over the Brits pulled out.

Since that time, the only direct flight to London is with Germania, which lands so late at night, that you have to add a night in a hotel to the cost of a flight. The Turkish company has done all they can to get people to fly to the UK via Istanbul, which means going backwards, before going forwards and putting hours on the time of the flight. Not only that, but you can guarantee that a the flight would need you to spend a night in a hotel in Istanbul, so it could take 2 days to get to London whish is only 3 hours away on a direct flight from Prishtina.

Most travellers have cut out Prishtina Airport all together now and drive to Skopje to get a direct flight to London from there, which works out more than 50% cheaper. Alexander the Great Airport has seen an increase in passengers of 23.7% as of September 2013 as people cross the border to fly from Macedonia.

Not only has Turkey taken over Kosovo’s airport, they have also taken over the visa control too. If any tourists want to visit Kosovo and are on the list that requires a passport, will have to apply for a visa in Istanbul.

This could cause grave problems for Kosovo as it has been well documented that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has allowed Turkey to be used as a terrorist training camp, which is where  Jihadists go to get armed, before entering  Syria via the Turkish border to kill for Jihad.

IHH a Turkish NGO has been responsible for recruiting Jihadist from Albania and Kosovo. IHH, which operates under the cover of relief and charity activities and acts in full coordination with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and extremist Saudi Wahhabi groups, has so far recruited and transferred a number of 769 Albanians to Syria.

Jihadist confessions in Syria have told that they had been given fake passports, so that nobody will know who they are and with Turkey now controlling who flies into Kosovo, how do will know if Erdogan, will just send the terrorists, that survive the war in Syria to Kosovo to get them out of Turkey. It will be Kosovo Passport Control that will have to decide who are the terrorists.





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