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KEDS New Metres Stealing from Customers

by Eunice Veliu Publikuar: 25.02.2014

Turkish company “Calik & Limak”, which has privatised Distribution of Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK), has discovered a perfect method to steal its customers through digital electric meters.


However, such a massive theft of customers has not gone too far, because that is detected by the Kosovo institutions, which have taken the decision to temporarily suspend the meter, although not officially reveal such a decision by the stand Turkish investor. Meters of the type produced in Turkey “AEF.TF-01” producers “Kohler”, which the Turkish company “Limak & Çalik” has contracted directly at the factory, continuously record the cost of electricity, even when all electrical spenders are turned off. Reliable sources of the newspaper “Zeri” within MTI suggest that such hours KEDS has decided to customers, no load record of 1 to 25 watts per hour. However, in a series of hours, registration no load measurement is even higher. And seeing this scandal with meter, a few days before Kosovo Metrology Agency (KTA) has temporarily suspending approval of electric meters type “AEF.TF-01”, the producers “Kohler”. However, officials formally Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), under whose authority operates KTA, categorically deny such a thing. “On Metrology Agency of Kosovo so far not made any withdrawal of type-approval of any type of meter gauge, nor the producer ‘Kohler'”, says the “Voice” advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Lulzim Demolli .

MTI hide decision For this issue of the paper had many questions minister’s office. However, the adviser replied Demolli part in them. But, in a decision dated 02.18.2014 Nr.AMK-006/2014, who provided the newspaper “Zeri” said the director of the Kosovo Metrology Agency has issued a decision on temporary suspension of type approval “AEF.TF- 01 “producers” Kohler “. Through this decision, the Director Blerim Sokol has asked to form a joint commission between the Agency and KEDS for testing these meters. Also, the director of the Agency on the basis of the decision is provided and how it will be testing meters. “Testing the connection without load (72 hours) samples from 4854 to 2000 meters from the first lot of KEDS warehouse facility in KTA. Testing of 200 samples, the amount of meters with randomly (3% of 4854 meters of warehouse KEDS desk review of KTA. Supervision of the electric meter type “AEF.TF-01” producers “Kohler “located in the network and ritestimet of 200 samples of these meters in laboratory KTA,” the decision of the Director of KTA, Blerim Sokol. At the end of it said that the commission formed for work performed must ‘The report of the Director General of the Agency for Metrology of Kosovo. However, on the other hand against such a decision is said to be very dissatisfied KEDS director, Vedi Yesilkilic.

Yesilkilic: I have drawn 4,854 meters Two days later Distribution Turkish director has directed a letter to the Director of Metrology Agency of Kosovo. Yesilkilic director Sokol wrote that the decision to temporarily suspend the meter has received much concern considering that ESCR has a contract for the supply of 125 thousand meters such, the implementation of each contract, now forced to suspend due to the decision your. “Lack of implementation of the contract in question, or delays in implementation of KEDS will cause major financial damage. In this context we should note that when ESCR has signed a contract for the supply of meter type “AEF.TF-01” producers “Kohler” from Turkey, this type of measure has been approved by you till date The above decision, “reads the letter KEDS director to the director of the KTA. It further says that ESCR has made verification of meters installed by first shipment of 7200 and requested that they be tested in the laboratory of KTA, which consequently resulted census finding no load. “As a result we have announced that we were attracted 4,854 meters and preparing to return have healed, while the load II and III did not have ads and only 1,200 meters have not been installed.

Benjamin: We identified minor defects On the other hand, Guri Shkodra, Media Officer KEDS company said that during installation of the first meter, ESCR has identified a small number of meters that record for minor defects which immediately notified the Ministry of Trade and Industry. “There was demand KEDS that additional tests be performed because we did not order the installation of defective equipment, especially since the same equipment are inspected and tested by the Ministry of Trade and Industry advance. For more, has been KEDS decision to prohibit the installation of meters from the first shipment others to identify and clarify the situation, although the meter was defective and is small in proportion to the occurrence of defects such during production, “he said. According to him, all this is done in order that the equipment be installed without defects.He further said that KEDS manufacturers involved in the process to ensure that any potential issues and other such small defects to be eliminated in advance. “If there are doubts about the surcharges, we ask all customers to address requests, complaints and proposals through official channels of communication KEDS. For more, digital meters represent advanced class accuracy and memorize condition kilowatts spent 12 months back, records in each direction kilowatts of electricity flow and evaluated for sensitivity and accuracy of measuring the flow of electricity at levels low voltage “, he further said. According to him, eventually, KEDS has not mounted and will not mount any meter that does not pass the tests in advance by the Kosovo Agency for Metrology and unleaded MTI set by the same institution.

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  1. How to find kwh? Which one is kwh T or T1 or T2 or T3

    Posted by Abdul baseer | September 8, 2017, 3:31 pm

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