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Shpend Ahmeti – We Will Eradicate Corruption

Mayor of Pristina, Ahmeti  signed today , on 25 February 2014, a Memorandum of Cooperation Movement ” Speak “. This memorandum was made within the monitoring of procurement procedures in Prishtina.


One of the main priorities of the Municipality of Prishtina is radical transparency and eradication of corrupt practices, conflicts of interest and other abuses that have occurred so far in the public sector in Pristina.

“One of the weaknesses of the public sector in Kosovo  and one of the greatest opportunities of misuse of public funds remains the procurement process,” said the Chairman of the Municipality of Prishtina, Ahmeti also. He said that through this MoU, we do not want just to show that we are open and transparent, but want to seek help from civil society in the monitoring of procurement procedures. ” This monitoring is not just as a request for access to public documents , which are guaranteed by law, which is done after completing the procurement process, but we are talking about civil society participation in the procurement process as observers, since the drafting specifications for the procurement of up to bid opening, why not later in overseeing the implementation of projects, “said Ahmad .

The executive director of the Movement ” Speak ” Petrit Zogaj, said the purpose of this memorandum is to obtain mutual commitment to public procurement procedures within the Municipality of Prishtina to be accessible to the public. ” We have five such agreements with five institutions at the central level. We have six requirements for such monitoring in six municipalities of Kosovo , including the largest municipalities. Given that about 70 % of the public budget goes through public procurement procedures, so far we have seen gross negligence of a majority of institutions that are transparent in this process.

We also see that if we have access to the public procurement procedures, transparency of these processes is essential, where first feel comfortable contracting authorities, economic operators are satisfied with the decisions taken  and people clearly know where to go their money, “said Zogaj, adding that this is our common interest of this movement and therefore the Municipality of Prishtina, hopefully that will be of interest and other municipalities.

Pristina Municipality
Office of Public Relations



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