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LDK losing public enterprises in Pristina!

Members of the Democratic League of Kosovo have suffered a sudden stroke, on Wednesday during the regular meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina.

Isa Mustafa (1)

The Leaders of the Assembly decided that the Commission Shareholder who has the power to appoint members to the boards of public enterprises Pristina Municipality no longer be in the hands of the party of ex-Mayor of Pristina, Isa Mustafa.

Consequently, all directors of public companies and members of the boards of these companies, belonging to the Democratic League of Kosovo will now be replaced by other members, who will decide the party of Albin Kurti , Self-Determination Movement.

Having failed to prevent such a thing Parliamentary Group LDK had boycotted the regular session of the Municipal Assembly, but this did not prevent the rest of the Leaders to “get rid” LDK Shareholder Commission.

Shortly after this decision, the social network Facebook have exploded wishes and joys of members of self-determination.

“Good Day for Pristina. It was voted the change in local public enterprises. As of today I can say with full mouth that campaign promises will realize, as we decided to sell the symbol of luxury, the Audi Q7. Pristina definitely are changing for the better, “he wrote in his Facebook profile chief Caucus Vetevendosja Ylli Hoxha.

Even other asamblisti Vetevendosja Ismaili Noble was enjoyed “crash” LDK by the Shareholder.

He has described as a mafia boss Caucus LDK Municipal Assembly of Prishtina, Sami Hamiti, considering that a significant part of the municipality is freed from his Mafia.

“Directly from the Municipal Assembly: Audi Q7 was placed was sold! Beautiful news. Also, a significant part of the municipality was liberated by Sami Hamiti mafia, which tell you later. Even after you water, do not be fret. For lack of water and 22 months’ll need to blame Isa Mustafa, and to then to remain in the neck Shpend, since its promise applies after 24 months term. Isa with friends 15 years you have left to dry, “he wrote. / newspaper Blic /

Apologies as this has been translated from Albanian. Source



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