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Corruption Risking Health

by Eunice Veliu

After an investigation into the high levels of sulphur in the fuel supplied to schools, some interesting revelations have come to light.


In the purchasing agreement, eurodiesel was paid as the price of petroleum, but it turned out to be burning oil which is banned. According to the National Institute of Public Health, the content of the fuel used for heating Prishtina schools was not oil as provided under Article 7 of the Administrative instruction 17/2012, but is burning oil which has been banned and not imported into Kosovo since 2007, as being a danger to the lives of citizens.

In addition, the Institute doctors, did not give any opinion about the level of sulphur and potential health effects.

These fuels are not allowed into the environment to be used without filters.

However, it does not end there. Pristina Municipality will require a health assessment of the high level of sulphur, which has entered the environment, due to the lack of filters on engines that use diesel, for World Health Organization and other international organizations.

The National Institute of Public Health, revealed that they are going to investigate, the tendering practices of how the company of ‘Hib Petrol’ managed to win the contract for the supply of the oil.

Prosecututions could be underway, over the underhanded, deal with municipal tender for the supply of fuel, the winner of which was the company “Hib Petrol”, where the contract value was greater than one million.

On the website of the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission (PPRC), shows that the contract between the municipality and the company “Hib Petrol”, was signed on 8 February 2012, with a duration of 36 months, ie until February 2015.

It says that the total value of the contract is “premium 0.0855 euros per liter.” Meanwhile, the approximate annual amount planned to be spent is reportedly 1 million 289 thousand 945 litres.

Increasingly documents based on the official data shows that within a year, Kosovo imports about 500 million liters of fuel, which by this amount 380 million are diesel, gasoline about 90 million, around 30 million liters of heavy oil, and 4 to 5 million liters hydraulic oils. Nowhere in the official Customs data, has there been importation for oil, used for combustion, in the past year.

It is emerging that there is a serious abuse of public funds, by municipal officials, since oil is used for heating (whose imports were stopped in our country) in the case of Pristina municipal schools, is nearly 40 percent cheaper than “Eurodisel” which was paid for, with taxpayer money by the municipalities.

However, such an oil is prevented from entering  country since 2007.

Public procurement has always been a black spot for Kosovo, because through public tenders, governors have filled their pockets. Giving bribes in exchange for awarding a tender, which in our country has become almost normal. The percentage depends on all the institution of the job. It ranges from 5 to 25 percent, when it comes to service delivery.

Based on official data by the end of September last year, according to official data, 1, 375 people have been under the microscope of Prosecution on suspicion of being involved in cases dealing with corruption. The number of suspects are involved in a total of 477 cases, are currently being investigated in Kosovo.

However there has been a figure of 1,375 people up until September is excpected to increase, due to the recent scandal of the oil in the schools.

Source in Albanian

More dodgy dealings involving Hib Petroleum



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