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Degrees at a Corrupt University are Not Worth the Paper they are Written On

Demonstrations continued, at Prishtina University today, calling for the Rector, Ibrahim Gashi to stand down.

The huge demonstration caused streets to be closed as students took to the street outside the university, where police and security guards prevented them from entering the university.

Students who study for years to get a degree, deserve better than this and Prishtina’s premier university should set a good example.

The demonstrations are set to continue until the following demands are met:

1. Immediate resignation of the Rector, Ibrahim Gashi – because the rector had been publishing false scientific journals and  publishing false scientific papers.

2. An immediate investigation into abuses at the University of Prishtina and the establishment of a mechanism to verify all degrees – to stop scientific plagiarism.

3. Improving infrastructure in the Student Center

4. Removing the impact of government on the University of Pristina, the removal of the Governing Council of the University of Prishtina.

According Student Equality Movement, over 30 students, citizens and members of civil society were arrested. Some of them are injured and still in their custody and some of them were beaten.


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