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The Clamp Down on Illegal Construction Begins

Agim Sulaj
January 17, 2014, 14:05

Excavators of the Municipality of Prishtina morning it had raided a facility of the Company “ELKOS” Hill of the mighty. Sveçla Jalal says builders have exceeded the permit that is issued.ELKOS took this as “self-determination against its job.”

In the third week of work as Mayor of Pristina, Ahmeti also started the fight against illegal constructions.His team has done this with an action to an object of the Company “ELKOS” mighty Hill who, according to Director of Municipal Inspection exceeded permission.Representative Company “ELKOS” said the Municipality is doing this devastation still unanswered by the Department of Urbanism.Fatos Alimehaj Elkos Group representative says that the Inspectorate issued a decision on 31 December 2013 that the company be given one month right of appeal. These are complaining, but Alimehaj openly says it is “self-determination against Elkos’it work”.

ELKOS company is owned by businessman Ramiz Kelmendi, who simultaneously is the Assembly Member of AAK.

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

“We have paid the building permit nearby 400 thousand euros. While 1.8% of the excess that has become due reverence permit conditions that are needed facility, inspection date has come and starts to do the demolition. We were given 30 days time to have the right to appeal, we have made a complaint in Urbanism, for allowing us to add this permit, and they still have not returned the answer and today have come to ruin. ”

To wreck, he says that Monday could be ready by the demolition themselves, but one thing says that not dealing with it admits the director.

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

“This is seen openly working against the company Vetvendosje Elkos which is one of the largest companies in Kosovo and largest employer with about 3 thousand people work here, and they work against this company.”

Conversely Inspection Director of the Municipality of Prishtina, Jalal Sveçla says that although the company have been asked to intervene on this excess itself, not seen such an alert.

This has prompted the department to përveshë sleeves themselves to ruin this part of the building.

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

“In order to implement the law, overcoming the collapse of building object, the subject has received a construction permit on February 12, 2013, a construction permit has overcome 0535146073 and building permit.”

“After successive remarks, while you party is seeking to intervene immediately, is not the first such alert.Municipal Inspectorate has decided to demolish the immediate destruction of the excess of the permit.”

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

“This decision was taken by December 31, 2013, when the Self-Determination Movement, neither really has not yet taken power fictitious”.

Sveçla said that the department he leads are important subjects, not Nouns. Actions such Inspection Director has confirmed that it will continue to implement the law and discipline of builders.

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

“For the administration of the municipality are important subjects, will not work with names, and will apply the law to the letter regardless of who he is builder. Such actions will also have ongoing and next week until the law applies to all builders and disciplined in order to work under the rules and laws. ”

While the analysis phase are in the garage state Democratic Party of Kosovo.

“As far PDK’së garage, are currently analyzing the situation there, in the moment when we see the legal basis to wreck I guarantee you that they will collapse,” said Sveçla.

Photo: Petrit Rahman, Lajmi.net

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