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Illegal Buildings

By law the stoppage of illegal construction and demolition.

Mayor of Pristina , Ahmeti also , along with Liburn Ali , Director of the Department of Urban Planning , Construction and Environmental Protection , as well as Sveçlën Jalal , Director of the Inspection Department , Monday , January 14 , held a press conference regarding with construction in Pristina and the actions that will take by the end of this week.


Law to legalise illegal constructions has already passed in the Assembly . On 25 August 2013 been photographed orthographic Kosovo , and all facilities are completed before that date are subject to legalization .

Liburn Ali, Director of Urban Planning , Construction and Environmental Protection , said the department in which he leads , has many problems . ” Now we are in a transitional phase , where the Department should work with the new laws . Are pending administrative instructions concerning the legalization of illegal buildings and spatial planning , “said Ali . Another challenge , he said that the procedure of handling cases should be regulated , so that parties receive a response as soon as possible . “We needed the admissions office , which will inform citizens about the subjects , and to send a reply within 30 days . ” He said .

Further, Ali spoke about the huge number of backlog , which will be handled by a special group within the department , as well as the necessity of reorganizing and regulating the archive , so that access to official documents is as much easier and faster. He said that during this year we have the necessary scanning of the field , that we know what is happening every corner of the city.

Sveçla Jalal , Director of Inspection , said the inspectorate is currently assessing the situation in which the city of Pristina, in terms of construction . He said that during this institutional vacuum , irresponsible builders have done illegal construction by the violation of the law . ” We started to do our first stops . In most of the workshops where no building permits , construction stopped . With this determination we will continue , by not allowing any construction without permission .

At the same time we are doing the planning for destruction , for those cases where permission has been exceeded and ongoing violation of the laws in force procedures ” Sveçla said , adding that all the mistakes made so far , time to revised.

He thanked the citizens who continuously help us by announcing various cases of violations , this contribution emphasized that despite the lack of staff in the Directorate of Inspection , is that this director did not have a clear picture of what is happening in the capital.

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