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Thaci’s Government is Waging a Legal Amendment to Curb “Jihad warriors” in Syria

by  on 13/01/2014

Syrian bloody conflict is bringing almost daily news of the death of an Albanian rebel ranks against Assad’s regime, but mostly with Muslim fundamentalist currents within the insurgency.


At the very beginning, the conflict was an example of a Spanish civil war and international brigades, for the influx of supporters who lined the pros insurgents. But there have been clashes between fighters seeking to overthrow Assad’s secular democracy, and brigades close to terrorist groups, while just this last element seems to have convinced Washington to continue the path of diplomacy.

It is clear that the fall of Bashar Assad could matters much worse in Syria. To do something in terms of cutting the supply of  “foreign fighters of Jihad”, the Thaci government is undertaking the design of a legal basis for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who engage in armed conflict abroad. Although no further details, such as TCH says, likely will keep in mind the proposal of Foreign Minister Enver Hoxha that these individuals be stripped of citizenship.

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